Favorite buys of 2018.

You know that magical feeling that a new piece of clothing gives? Excitement! The rush! Well, I definitely have not experienced that magical feeling in a while! I honestly haven't purchased anything for myself in all of 2018. I know it sounds so crazy to say, but I never shop for myself! I would much rather spend money on building The Bundle of Joy or getting something for Lillian, Jesse, or friends.

Becoming a business owner has already taught me so much, especially in the finance department. I account for every penny and am really a lot more thoughtful about money. I am also really strategic about how I spend money personally and professionally.

I do miss that feel good feeling of taking the tags off of a new sweater and wearing it right away, but I have found that thinking about long-term goals and working towards them is a good replacement. Sort of.

But I wanted to share some of the things I have bought so far this year that have been great.

Northface Jacket for Lillian. It has been so cold in San Francisco and since Lillian plays outside a lot at preschool, we needed to get her a comfortable and warm jacket. Jesse got her a Northface from SportsBasement that is so cozy, reversible, and insanely warm. She's been wearing it every day since she got it. It's similar to this one, but is fuzzy on the inside and was 45% off at SportsBasement.

MerSea Candles. I posted about how much I love MerSea here and I just ordered last week two more candles and two soaps. I actually don't plan on using the soap, just putting them on my desk like a diffuser. They subtly make the room smell beautiful!

OXO Food Storage Bins. I think we are the only people who didn't register for the classic OXO food storage bins when we got married. And yesterday as I was reorganizing our kitchen cupboards, I said to myself, enough is enough! We need storage bins! They should be arriving tomorrow!

Disneyland. The actual best thing we have spent money on this year was Disneyland!!! You can read the post here!


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