Things I am loving right now.

pamela bag.jpg

Here are some things I am loving right now:

One // All things Pamela Munson. Her bags are already a classic, but I can't get enough of her hats! Love the double ribbon! Check everything out on her website here.

Two // Planning all of our summer adventures and no surprise they are all planned around weddings! We can't complain- we have some fun destinations: Oregon, Detroit, Santa Barbara and Cape Cod! One of the best things we did was get a credit card with a lot of travel rewards. We've been able to travel the past few years using points and it's amazing! 

Three // Motown Station on Pandora!!! Can't get enough of it! So we have an Alexa and stream the Amazon Music stations but they don't have a good oldies station. So, we added good old Pandora and listen to their Motown Station all morning and night!! Love it when some of my favorite songs from growing up come on! Especially anything from the SisterAct soundtrack!

Four // We used our wedding china for Easter and it was so nice to have it out and enjoy it! Similar China here.

Five // Gingham shoes for summer are my favorite!! Love these Kate Spade ones!


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