Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks.


Happy Monday!!! So excited to write today and share the latest update!! Both Jesse and I were out of town for bachelor/bachelorette parties for our best friends who are getting married! He went to Austin and I went to Manhattan Beach. Lillian was with Jesse's parents for the weekend and all around everyone had an amazing time.

At the bachelorette party, 3 of the 9 are pregnant so it was fun having each other and we all had a blast as one big group. I love going to weekends away where I don't really know that much about the group of people attending. I know that's most people's worst nightmare, but I actually really, really enjoy it! It was also so wonderful that the group of women at the party was so lovely and the bride is the best! 

In addition to having a wonderful time at the bachelorette, getting away really helped me gain some new perspective. I have been away from Lillian before but this was the first time that both Jesse and I were away and were not together. I was a solo woman for the weekend and it was both wonderful and made me miss them so much. Flying through the airport was an absolute breeze- although, I did arrive insanely early to my flight and sat in the United lounge for almost two hours!! HA! I'm just accustomed to traveling with a little one and having oodles of stuff and having to get to the airport early. It can be so easy to decline invitations because you don't want to leave your little one, but it's always important to push yourself out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to parenting and separation.

I told Jesse on Sunday that while I missed him, there was something so different about being away from Lillian this time. I think it's because she's so fun, but also because she really is half of me. She's a part of me. Someone told me that as soon as you have a child that part of your heart is walking around outside of your body and you feel complete when they are back in your arms. It's so true because when Jesse, Lillian and I were reunited I felt whole again.

I don't have a solo bump pic this weekend but I will definitely share one later this week. I have enjoyed documenting my growing bump weekly with this pregnancy! I am getting bigger but that didn't stop me from doing the kickboxing class Saturday morning at the bachelorette party! I also have been loving going to pilates! I have taken a few classes at Mighty Pilates with their new client special and have really been enjoying the stretching and strengthening!

Last week I pulled out all of Lillian's nice baby clothes I had in storage and went through them and washed them and hung them up. It's not really about the materialism of the clothes, but it's like one of the only easy, and comparatively, inexpensive tangible things you can do to make it feel more real that a baby is on the way. Remember my pregnancy with Lillian how I was so into red and grey and then when she was born I got so into pink....hello everything she owns is pink!

So, here we are 21 weeks! I can hardly believe it! Things have been going so well with this pregnancy and I am so appreciative. I am so fortunate to not have morning sickness or nausea, but I will say that this pregnancy has been different in the sense that my body is getting old! I ache A LOT more during this pregnancy and I know that's because I am older but I really hate to admit it, and I hope Jesse isn't reading this, but I should have done A LOT more muscle repair work before I got pregnant again. I lost the weight I had put on but my strength never really came back. I also feel so misaligned this pregnancy. Like one side will bother me because I'm leaning to one side. I can feel things coming together after a few pilates classes and can't wait to stick with them! And definitely, do some post-partum!

I am still in non-maternity dresses and am squeezing into my favorite Pixie Pants. I wanted to make it to 20 weeks before jumping into my maternity pants. I tried on my maternity jeans and they're still a little too big so I am going to wait on those. 

I realize that if you read these updates they've gotten a little boring! All I say is how great I feel and how great Lillian is doing. The truth is the second time around its much more about the emotional changes and adjustments than the physical ones. Yes, I have more ear wax during pregnancy, but I also have an increased fear of dying, something happening to Jesse or Lillian, and just fears in general about my pregnancy.

These are all normal thoughts and I've asked a family friend about them and she says that it's all normal and that they are telling me something and to listen to them but to not let them overtake me. And I don't. I can rationalize that biologically all moms we are hard-wired to fear potential threats and protect our young. As our brains developed over the centuries, our prefrontal cortex (the part that of the brain that is responsible for executive functioning) signifies different types of threats- the modern threats. It's not the lion eating us, it's a car running us over. Not sure if that makes sense but I know in my personal case that I find my emotions and fears playing a larger role in my thoughts during pregnancy and I just have to calm them down by being rational.

To say I am excited we are having a girl is an understatement!!! I love that Lillian will have a sister and I love that they will be so close. I always ask my mom what she did to make my siblings, particularly my sisters and me, so close and she said spending time individually with us, as well as group adventures brought us all together.

This week is a big week for us! Lillian turns 3 on Wednesday and Jesse and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday, June 9! Every year Jesse's birthday feels like the kick off to the fun celebrations for our family and they usually end at my birthday! But this year the party will continue with our friends' wedding in Santa Barbara in September and go through October when our baby girl arrives!!


20 weeks update

Baby Echo is the size of: an Endive! 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces

Cravings: Have absolutely been LOVING citrus things! Fresh oranges and orange juice!

Complaints: Sore from getting bigger and then sore from Pilates but feeling great. Going to go swimming tomorrow!

Common Symptoms: UTI, Varicose veins, and acne
Wow. Luckily, haven't had those!

Baby Kicks:  I have been feeling so many baby kicks and I am so happy! I feel them when I am laying down at night. I just think, wow here is my little girl!!!! I absolutely love it!

Weight Gain: 13 lbs Feeling good about that! In the second trimester you're supposed to gain a pound a week so I have 6 more weeks until I am 28 weeks so that would bring me to about 19 lbs. Sounds about right! Then the last trimester you add more weight quicker as the baby is growing.

Pregnancy Comparison: Right now I feel like how I did last pregnancy at like 28/29 weeks in terms of back pain and physical discomfort. I am never in pain but I am definitely aware that something feels different. I definitely feel like I have the "mom brain" more this time around but at the same time I also feel incredibly energized by Lillian and the fun we are having as a family.

I really loved reading my 21 weeks update from my previous pregnancy (you can read it here). Ha! I don't even look pregnant there. Wow! I so remember taking those photos with Jesse in Nob Hill! We used to have so much fun hopping in the car and exploring different neighborhoods and snapping some pictures. Reading those previous posts makes me SO incredibly happy that I documented things so thoroughly!!! I am grateful I can always look back on them!

Lillian Update: Our little angel is going to be 3 and we can hardly believe it! I just can't believe that my pregnancy was four years ago!! What a trip!! She is simply amazing and is so much fun to be around. She is really, really into music and loves listening to music in the car, at home in her room on Alexa, and some of the musical instruments we have. We're excited to celebrate her all week!!! We actually have purposely been limiting the amount we talk about Baby Echo with Lillian because she totally comprehends what's happening and we still have some a few months until the big change happens. We've been enjoying our time as a family of three and are excited about our summer adventures.


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