Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

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Happy Monday! We are still feeling so great over here from the birthday celebrations for Lillian! We started the celebrations last week and didn't stop until last night! Breakfast on Wednesday, with a jumpy house at school, the Warriors game Wednesday night, and a birthday party at the park on Sunday- phew! This mom is tired! Lots of pink rice krispy treats and balloons around here! We had a blast celebrating with family and friends and we love that we started her year off right! I am also very excited to take a break on giving Lillian so much attention!! Haha! Everyone knows how much we love her, but we also try and raise her to be independent, self-sufficient and considerate of others. Hard to do that while trying to shower her with attention!! 

I'm now 22 weeks and feeling great! I am actually off to a doctors appointment this morning and I am excited to hear our girl's heartbeat. Baby Echo has been moving like crazy and I am so excited that she is growing and getting bigger. I love that I am getting bigger because it means she is!!! 

I honestly don't have any complaints. I really just have feelings of tremendous gratitude. I feel so happy that our family is growing and that there is so much to celebrate. I think it's the time of year because there are so many weddings, showers, birthdays, and parties to celebrate the big events happening in our family and friends' lives. I'm also so thrilled for the Warriors. I guess we really do have a dynasty!! I was a little bummed that Steph Curry didn't get the Finals MVP trophy. I feel like he should have gotten that! 

Last week I went swimming and loved it. It had honestly been a few weeks since I swam laps and I was really, really, really, really having to psyche myself up to go. I absolutely love swimming laps but sometimes it feels like such an ordeal and often find myself waiting for the "perfect conditions" to make it happen. First of all, it can't be too cold or windy or else I am freezing when I get out of the gym. And I have to have the right equipment. I switched out my swim bag and it made such a difference. I am just thinking out loud now but I should really bring my own towel because they only give you one at the gym and having two would make it so much easier to dry off and stay warm.

I swim at USF, which is where I took my first swim lessons as a child. The pool is hands down the best pool in San Francisco. But unfortunately, the locker rooms and facilities are some of the worst in San Francisco. I feel like I can say that because I'm an alumna of the school. Every time I walk in there I think about how I would love to donate to remodel the Koret Center. There is so much potential there! Jesse plays basketball every Saturday at USF. For my last pregnancy, I swam at UCSF and loved going in the heated indoor pool! That was heavenly!! I would go a couple of times a week because it was like a nice warm bath.

I am actually going to start taking Lillian to swim lessons and I cannot wait! She is such a water baby and we want her to keep loving the water and learn new skills. She swims really well with her floaty vest on but I want her to learn how to swim on her own. I usually write on here "I" or "me" but it really is "we" because Jesse and I talk about everything. It's just easier to use I and me.

Jesse and I spent Saturday celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and it was amazing! He played basketball and then we had lunch in Hayes Valley and then took a nap as we watched Black Panther. It was honestly so relaxing and just what we needed. 

I'm wearing a FAVORITE of mine-- the classic J.Crew Rugby Shirt dress. I got it when it first came out and have been waiting to wear it. It will definitely be a staple for the next couple of months. It runs big so get a smaller size, even if you are pregnant. I got the Medium and it was a little too big and I'm going to wash it and it will fit perfectly. It's on sale now here.

I was laughing reading my 22 Weeks Pregnancy update from Lillian. It really is true that ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to pregnancy stuff. This time around I feel like I know so many things of what could go wrong and it's completely frightening.

Okay, on to some tips because I think those are more valuable. If you're expecting your first here are some things that you might want to have on your radar:

Nursery: Do you have a space for a nursery? I know so many people in cities who stay in their one bedroom and use a big closet or hallway for a nursery. I think that's great. You can really survive the first year in a small space because you're basically going to be on top of one another for that year.

Nursery Design: The main tip I have here is that if you are going to paint your nursery do it at least three weeks before the baby arrives so that the fumes can fade. There really is nothing like a fresh coat of paint in a room so painting, whether you're moving or not, is my biggest tip.

Registry: People get totally stressed over registering and I have to tell you, don't! It's really not a big deal, well definitely not worth stressing about. But I will write a post about some things that should be included on there.

Birth Plan: You'll want to start thinking about your birth plan. Read, talk with your partner, talk with your doctor. Decide what works best for you. Are you going to try to go natural? Labor at home a long time? Hire a doula. Start thinking about this.

Babymoon. I mentioned this a few weeks ago. Don't forget to get away with your partner for a while.

Baby shower. I didn't want a shower for Lillian and it ended up being one of the most special experiences of my pregnancy. I didn't want people to feel like they had to give us something or to take time out of their weekend, but it was actually so incredibly touching to have everyone come together. The guests all wrote cards to Lillian to open up on each birthday and actually I opened her 3rd one up last night and it just brings me back to the shower!

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update


Baby is the size of a: Coconut!! I just can't help but sing, "consider the coconut" from Moana!!! Moms know what I am talking about! The baby measures about 10.9 inches long (from the crown of the head to the heel of the foot) and 15.2 ounces.

Cravings: No real cravings. But have definitely been a lot more. I feel like I am hungry every 1 or 2 hours. I've been making smoothies in the morning with almond milk and spinach and fruit and have been loving those.

Complaints: No complaints. Just some back discomfort. Last pregnancy a took Tylenol a few times towards the end. This time I haven't taken it so far. I also really miss caffeine. Since we got back from Hawaii I haven't had any caffeine. Mostly surviving off of peppermint tea.

Lillian Update:  Our girl is doing amazing and we are so thrilled with how she is growing. And we are so excited about the age gap between our children. We are loving watching Lillian's personality grow and shine through and I'm really grateful for the spacing between them. 

She had a great birthday celebration and it feels like things are running smoothly. We've noticed a change in Lillian's behavior since her schedule became more rigid and predictable. From 2-3 they are growing so much mentally and resist sleep and they need it so badly. But she's finally in a good groove and we couldn't be more thankful. 

Pregnancy Comparison:  Last pregnancy I bought everything red and grey and this time I have already bought all things pink and blue. I went a little crazy at the Dottie Doo Little sale and got some adorable matching outfits. I feel great this pregnancy. Honestly, Lillian energizes me more than I could have expected. I think it would have been hard to have a 2-year-old at this time. But that's mostly because of Lillian's personality.

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