Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks.

caroline-curran-24 weeks

Happy Monday! Here we are after a great weekend! Wanted to write a quick post about this weeks pregnancy update. I think I will keep it short and sweet! But first, I wanted to share this post from when I was 16 weeks pregnant when we were in Hawaii- wearing my favorite bathing suit from Vineyard Vines. It's crazy how much bigger my bump has gotten!

We spent the weekend having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. We spent Saturday at The Bay Club in Redwood Shores splashing and swimming. Lillian absolutely loves the water and loves going down the waterslide. There is nothing like getting in a pool when you're pregnant so even if you don't like to swim, I can't suggest just sitting in the shallow end. It feels so great for your body.

Hard to believe I'm 24 weeks and that the next four months will fly by. We cannot wait to welcome our Baby Girl! We have our name but our waiting to share! I honestly feel weird calling typing Baby Echo since we know the name, but we decided its best to wait.

I've been feeling great and honestly feel like a pro athlete with my wellness routine- I am regularly stretching, icing, and heating my back. I've been living in running shoes and just switched over to my maternity pants! I really only think you need three pairs of maternity pants: black Pixie Pants, jeans, and white jeans. The rest of the time you just wear dresses. Luckily, I have two pairs of pants from last pregnancy and just bought a new pair of white jeans from J.Crew because last pregnancy I spilled hot chocolate all over them.

24 weeks update

Baby is the size of: A cantaloupe! Average size is 11.8-inches who weighs about 1.3 pounds. 

Common symptoms: Back pain and tight calves and feet!

Complaints: No complaints! Feeling great and so excited to meet our girl!

Loving: Absolutely loving all of the movements I am feeling! This is one active girl!

Lillian update: Honestly, Lillian has been amazing recently and we've been loving seeing her vocabulary grow and just seeing her interact with the world. It's so incredible! She loves playing with her logos, finding a pack of gum and taking all of the pieces out and counting them, reading her books before bed, swimming, and being tickled.

Pregnancy comparison: Physically they both feel great, but this one I am sorer because I am picking Lillian up, playing with her on the floor, moving around with her a lot more. 

Everyone tells me how crazy it is with two kids but I just have to see for myself because I cannot imagine that it is that much more crazy than my childhood with four siblings. I am used to chaos and can't wait!! I love when Lillian has sleepovers with her cousins because I love the buzzing energy.

Weight Gain: 17lbs

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