Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks.

If you're anything like me right now, you woke up this morning thinking to yourself, "what day is it?" The last ten days have been a whirlwind as we were traveling for Danny's wedding and then celebrating the 4th of July. I actually ended up taking the entire week off when I realized that so many people I was trying to connect with were on vacation. It was such a welcome break and I feel recharged and excited to work on some exciting initiatives for my blog and The Bundle of Joy.

I wish I snapped a picture of myself over the weekend but didn't really. We spent a lot of time in Sonoma and for better or worse the cell phone reception there is not great. We all theorized that it has something to do with cell phone towers being affected during the fires last fall. The great thing is that it's really easy to unplug and often times I left my phone in my purse and didn't take it out. I'm not one who is addicted to my phone, social media, or staying connected. But I definitely love having my phone ready to use the camera.

I can't believe I am 26 weeks! I am still feeling really great and have been working hard to stretch and take care of my body. Definitely loving getting prenatal massages, swimming and walking at Stow Lake. With this gorgeous San Francisco weather we are having I am definitely going to walk along the Embarcadero and Crissy Field (fyi....all non-natives always misspell Chrissy Field). 

I have just been feeling more and more that I am ready for our little girl to get here! When I was pregnant with Lillian I wasn't in a rush to not be pregnant. This time I feel like I'm in more of a rush, not because of not wanting to be pregnant, but because I am so ready to be a mom of two, watch Lillian become a big sister, and watch Jesse love on our newborn. Luckily, I have been getting my baby fix with Claire's adorable six-week-old!

While I am going the weekly updates on here and slowly counting down to 40 weeks, the main thing I am doing to countdown to her arrival is counting down to the big weddings and events we have this summer. I mentioned this before but our friends are getting married in September and I just keep thinking that's my goal- to get to the wedding and still feel great. Then I can really nest and focus on the baby for those few weeks between the wedding and her arrival.

We have our baby name all picked out and we've been saying it amongst ourselves. There really is no right or wrong way to share your baby name. You can share in advance or wait until the baby arrives. I just said to Jesse last night that I want to call the baby by her name and he agreed it was a great idea. I'm not going to share it on the blog until she arrives! Sorry for the fake-out, but I just want to wait!

I shared the above image of the blue nursery because we are doing a white and blue nursery. We have a sunroom at our house that has been the headquarters for The Bundle of Joy, so I am moving the office to a new location and setting up the nursery. I've ordered a few things here and there and luckily we don't have too much more to do. Just need to get some new curtains and finalize the paint. We're using the same crib, the rug I had in my office, and have a glider that was gifted to me when we moved. I am looking forward to having another functional room for our family in our house because most of the time I have the office doors closed to that Lillian stays out. It's so tempting for her to go in there because there are so many great items-- she cannot stay away from the Babiators sunglasses!!

In terms of my pregnancy, I am still feeling wonderful. The thing that is funny is how much of a disconnect there is between how I feel and how I look! Last week I had a handful of strangers comment on my pregnancy and I was surprised they knew I was pregnant. But over the weekend i was walking along the Sonoma square and saw my reflection and was taken aback! I look so much bigger than I feel!!! I remember this happening to me last pregnancy, albeit at 32 weeks. I equate it to getting older, especially when your outward appearance looks older than you feel.

I have been adhering to the same strict restrictions from my first pregnancy. I haven't had any alcohol or raw sushi or anything unpasterized. This pregnancy it has definitely been so hard to not have a turkey sandwich!! I didn't feel that way last time but I definitely am craving them this time! I've been surviving by ordering veggie sandwiches and those are doing a satisfactory job tying me over a few more months.

I think every person can make their own judgments about what they want to eat and avoid but I just knew that I wanted to be fair to both of my pregnancies and go about them in the same way. I know a lot more moms feel more relaxed the second time around and I have to be quite honest that in some ways I do, but I've mentioned this before, you just know so much more- the good and the bad- and so it's hard to not overthink things or worry about things the second time around.

In two weeks we go back to the doctor for the glucose screening and I am so looking forward to that. In the beginning it feels like you barely see your doctor! I like when the appointments get more frequent because you know you're getting close.

26 weeks update

Baby is the size of: Kale! Measuring approximately 14 inches and 1.7 lbs and I couldn't be happier. I love that she is getting so big! My favorite weeks are actually 30-40 when the baby is so big and kicking everywhere!

Weight Gain: 18 lbs Ha! With Lillian I had only gained 12.5lbs at the 26 week mark! No complaining from me! Love that me and Baby Pedersen are growing big!!

Common Symptoms

Trouble Sleeping: I think this is a good thing but I actually can't sleep in past 6:00 am. I usually get up and shower and take my time and have some tea. I feel well rested but I wish I could sleep in a little bit more.

Swelling: Not that I can tell. Everything still fits.

Headaches: I have been so lucky to have not gotten headaches this pregnancy! That was a complaint I had last time and maybe I am too distracted to think about them.

Pregnancy Brain (forgetfulness): Yes, definitely have this! Sometimes I feel like I am in a fog!

Braxton Hicks contractions: Nope! Those didn't come until a couple weeks before my due date last time.

Slightly higher blood pressure: No and I am so thankful for that!

Pregnancy Comparison: I've shared the ways the pregnancies have been the same and different, but a major difference this time is I feel in control and settled. Last time, we found out we were pregnant and moved almost immediately. I feel settled in our home and like there is no chaos. We have our routine and rhythm and I feel stable as we get ready to welcome Baby Girl!

Also, it felt like Lillian did punches and it feels like this baby does football tackle drills. Like she backs up, get a running start and then digs her shoulder into me! It's always makes me laugh! I was telling Jesse that this baby want to come out and join all of the fun that she can hear Lillian and her cousins having!!

Lillian Update: We have had a blast with Lillian while we traveled and spent time in Sonoma. She is totally fearless, is headstrong, thoughtful, and incredibly aware of others' emotions. She is doing a tinkering camp this week and we are going to spend time the next two weeks doing adventures before she starts back at school in August. 

Tips for first-time pregnancy:  If this is your first pregnancy, congratulations!! So exciting!! Here are some of my tips for the first time around- definitely get yourself a great nursing tank, make sure you are getting new bras every couple of weeks as your breasts are changing so much. Exercise as much as you can, even if it's 20 minutes at lunchtime around the block. Start thinking about your registry. Plan your babymoon!

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