Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks.

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Happy Monday! Checking in here at 27 weeks and feeling great! I am so sorry if you are reading this and thinking to yourself, wow this woman is like an elephant and has been pregnant for a year! I think because people share so frequently on social media, especially images of their kids, it can sometimes feel like that certain baby has been six months forever. When we finally get to their first birthday it feels like they should be three! Not sure if that makes sense, but there is this woman who I follow on Instagram and, I swear, her baby has been 8 months for like three months. 

I write the weekly updates so that I can keep track of what's happening, as well as go back and look at them when we have our next baby. YES, so many have asked so I thought I would share that Jesse and I have always wanted three kids. It has nothing to do with the fact that we found out we're having another girl. Everyone keeps asking us if we're going to "try for a boy" and the answer is no. We're not going to try for a boy. We're going to have three kids like we always planned and be thrilled with whatever happens! Even when we were first dating, Jesse and I knew we wanted three kids.

With only 13 weeks, give or take, left to go, we have been soaking up summer and enjoying all of the fun adventures that the city and bay area have to offer. We spent Saturday at the San Francisco Zoo, one of my favorite places and headed down to Santa Cruz for an impromptu family day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! We had a blast and are energized for the week ahead. I will share some tips about visiting the Zoo and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk later!

Both of our girls have the need for speed. Lillian loved all of the rides at the Boardwalk and our baby girl loved riding on the log ride! I guess they can't resist some adventure like their mother!

Next week I go in for the glucose test and it feels like things are getting more real! We are getting so close! It has been really fun to get messages from friends and followers about their pregnancy, their due date, how they're feeling, and how close they are to their little one's arrival!

I am feeling great and had a wonderful massage last week but unfortunately, after one nights' sleep the effects are usually gone. I have been exercising by walking and swimming and that helps a lot.I am SUPER excited because tomorrow Claire and I are having a private session with Leah Keller, founder of Every Mother, a prenatal and postpartum community that has a well-respected fitness program, partnered with informational content. I met with Leah a few weeks ago and we loved talking about our projects and I cannot wait to have a session with her! I will give a full review after!

If you are pregnant too then make sure you are getting a new bra, exercising, getting your nursery in order and taking some birthing and breastfeeding classes. I guess the second time around is different in the sense that you spend fewer hours preparing for labor. At 30 weeks I am going to start reading some labor and delivery books so that I can prepare for delivery. I keep trying to look for resources for second time delivery and I find it so interesting that there is nothing out there. Maybe I will have a doula write a guest post! Everyone knows that I don't have a cavalier attitude when it comes to this pregnancy and I definitely don't when it comes to second time labor. Each labor is so different and I want to make sure that I am mentally and physically prepared. Seeing Claire go through labor was absolutely incredible and got me very excited and grateful to have the opportunity again. She was an absolute champ and I can't wait for her to write her guest post-- don't worry! It's coming soon!

I spend a lot of time imagining what our daughter's personality is going to be like and what it will be like to have two children emotionally and logistically. I also daydream a lot about the fun things I will do while on maternity leave. And I can't help but think about how nighttime will go! I wonder if I will ever sleep during the night. I am really excited to have our baby girl in our house since it's so great for having little ones with a long hall. I just sit and daydream all the time and it makes me so happy. I remember with Lillian I kept thinking how surreal it would be to have a baby, but honestly it's so much more surreal the second time around. The good thing is that I know I won't be able to remember life without both of my girls.

27 weeks update

Baby is the size of: At 27 weeks pregnant, baby is as big as a head of lettuce. The average 27-week fetus measures 14.4 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds.

Weight Gain: 18 lbs

Common Symptoms (From The Bump app):

  • Leg cramps. Keep stretching those legs—flexing your feet can help—and drinking lots of water to prevent these ouchies. YES! Have these at night!
  • Backaches. Gentle stretching can help your back, too. Consider sleeping with one of those huge body pillows, which can ease some of the pressure on your hips and help you get into a comfy position for your back. YES!
  • Constipation. If you’re stopped up and you’ve done all the usual prevention—eaten lots of fibrous foods, drank lots of water, and taken plenty of walks—ask your doctor if a fiber supplement or stool softener is safe to take. NOPE!
  • Hemorrhoids. Straining to go to the bathroom and all the pressure baby’s putting on your lower half can cause this not-so-pretty 27 weeks pregnancy symptom. NOPE!
  • Skin, hair, and nail changes. Notch this one into the unpredictable pregnancy symptom category. Your skin, hair, and nails might be thicker or grow faster (yay!) but they might also be more brittle (boo). WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!
  • Snissing. This is what we call peeing when you sneeze. Baby is putting a ton of pressure on your bladder and there’s not much you can do about it except take frequent pit stops to empty your bladder and maybe wear a pantiliner if you’re worried about an unexpected achoo. YES! It's the worst!

Pregnancy Comparison: Over the weekend I decided to not compare the two anymore because so much has changed with me in the past three years!!! I am older!! Both have been easy and if this was my first pregnancy I would feel like it's going really well. But my first pregnancy was heavenly and this was has been great but definitely a little less comfortable!

Lillian Update:  We've been having a blast with Lillian and she is so excited to be a big sister. Summer has really been great for this little lady! She has had fun swimming, playing, having sleepovers with her cousins, traveling, going to camp, and just growing up a lot. The thing about Lillian is she has so much energy and is like an energy bunny- she can literally go all day. But, we have to make sure to build in rest time for her so that she doesn't get cranky. It can be hard during the summer when the fun activities are happening at peak nap time but we make it work. We've always made her sleep a priority and work our weekend schedules around it.

Nursery Update: Our first piece for the nursery arrived and we are so excited to see it all come together. I have so much to do to get ready before I can even start putting it together but I am really excited. I want to get everything organized by labor day weekend, which is five weeks from now. I told myself I wasn't going to do anything until August 1st but all of these summer sales make it so hard!

OMG looking at my 27 weeks update last time I look so small compared to this pregnancy! Ay yay yae!

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