Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks.

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Happy Monday! I am SO excited to be writing today's post! Honestly, since the 4th of July things have been so busy! Lillian was also in summer camp the past two weeks and it went from 9:00 am-1:00 pm, a definite change from her daily schedule of 8:00 am - 5:00pm. We had so much together doing activities in the afternoon and spending time together, especially before our baby girl arrives in about twelve weeks (!!!). We visited Jesse at work, had ice cream, went to the Zoo, went to Sonoma, spent afternoons in the park and had a blast! It was hard to get work done and it reminded me how much better is is for everyone when Lillian is at school- she loves to socialize and learn, and I love having the opportunity to work. 

I had a doctors appointment early this morning and was supposed to do the glucose screening but the paperwork was sent to the wrong lab so I have to go back again later this week. I did not know that I was going to be getting the tDap shot, which wasn't bad at all but the nurse said it would be sore for a few days. The second time around the appointments are so quick, such a breeze. The doctor measured me, we heard the heartbeat and she asked if I had any questions. And since I didn't have any, that was that!

One of the things I really, really enjoyed the first time around was learning so much about pregnancy and childbirth. I just loved reading and learning and writing about it. It was a whole new world to me and I adored learning how the body changes, the medical side of it, the emotional side of it, heck, even the logistical side of it. I still love reading and learning about it but there is just something that invigorated me when learning about everything for the first time.

This time around I am a lot more interested and focused on self-care, proper exercise techniques, nutrition, and just ways I can be a healthier, stronger version of myself. I am also extremely interested in the postpartum recovery journey. I am realizing that I didn't learn enough about the great ways to take care of myself after delivery and the first year after delivery. 

Last week I met with Leah Keller of Every Mother and had a private session and loved every minute of it! I will be sharing a full post on the incredible methodology and experience of Every Mother soon!!! Definitely check it out if you are expecting or recovering from pregnancy!

Things have been going really well with the pregnancy and I am so excited!! Hard to believe I am in my third trimester!! 

28 weeks pregnancy update

Baby is the size of: An Eggplant! She measures about 14.8 inches from head to toe and weighs in around 2.2 pounds. I have to imagine our baby girl is a little bigger than that because subsequent babies are usually bigger. Lillian was 7 lbs 11 oz when she was born. I think this girl will be 8 lbs.

Weight Gain: 19 lbs

Common Symptoms from The Bump:

  • Trouble sleeping. As you get closer to your due date, you'll likely have more and more trouble getting Zzzs (which stinks, because you’re beat!). It could be hormones or nerves—or both!—causing your inability to snooze. Still sleeping well!
  • Shortness of breath. Baby continues to crowd your lungs and diaphragm, making it tougher to catch your breath. Give yourself permission not to push too hard and to take breaks. Haven't experienced this yes.
  • Aches and pains. The third trimester can be really uncomfortable due to hormone fluctuations and the toll pregnancy is taking on your body. (We’re especially talking to you mamas who are 28 weeks pregnant with twins!) To deal, do yoga, stretch, swim, walk, and/or get a prenatal massage. Try wearing a maternity support belt if you’re on your feet a lot. Not sexy, we know, but it can relieve some of the pressure that’s making you so achy. Yes, definitely had some aches in my lower abs as my uterus stretches. Also, I definitely pay for it the next day when I have to lunge after Lillian as she runs away! The quick burst of energy sometimes stretches my muscles too fast without a warmup.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. These practice contractions might be getting stronger, more noticeable, or more frequent as your body gets ready for labor. Keep an eye out and be sure that the contractions are only occasional. If they’re regular and continue getting closer together, and don’t stop when you switch positions, you could be in preterm labor and should call the OB ASAP! Haven't had these.
  • Leaky boobs. Your breasts may already be producing baby's first food, a yellowish substance called colostrum. And surprise! Some of it might actually come out before baby does! No, but I know I have colostrum in there and I am looking forward to breastfeeding a second time.

Pregnancy Comparison: I decided I was going to stop comparing them because I don't want to anymore!

Lillian Update: She's been sooooo much fun recently!! We can't get enough of how funny and bright she is. She is a daredevil and loves adventures and it's mostly great, sometimes totally terrifying!

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