Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks.


Oh my goodness, I am so delighted and confused as to how we are already at 30 Weeks!!! We're getting close to our little girl's arrival and I can hardly believe it! I am so thrilled and don't feel nervous at all, but I was definitely thinking over the weekend that I need to read some labor and delivery books. I thought it would be so nice to attend a one-hour birthing class for second-time moms and looked everywhere but they don't exist out there! It's funny how much everyone prepares for the first and then there aren't many resources available for the second time around.

I've noticed a lot, and I've mentioned it on here before, that I am always observant of second-time moms' attitude and behavior. They are all so nonchalant. I am telling you now that I am not going to be nonchalant!! I am crazy! I just think to myself that even though I might be a second-time mom, the baby is still a first-time baby-- like they haven't done this before! Not sure if that makes sense but you can pretty much bet your life that I am 100% going to be just as psycho with this baby as I was with Lillian. 

With Lillian, I was with her almost always up until she started daycare three days a week at 8 months old. We are so lucky to have family nearby so I was never short on babysitters, but I just love being a mom so much and being the primary caretaker that I did not like leaving her. I know this is very fortunate because I had such a long maternity leave and when I went back to work I was working flexible hours for clients. It really was a great set-up.

This time I will definitely be home with our girl but I won't take any off from The Bundle of Joy. I am so excited for newborn kisses, nighttime feedings, walks around the neighborhood and a growing family. 

With my first pregnancy, I always felt like 30 weeks was IT. The big milestone and the turning point in the pregnancy- to put it bluntly, this is when ish gets real. I am really hoping to make it to 40 weeks but its crazy to think the baby could come at any point. We still have so much I want to do before our baby girl arrives. We still have to get the nursery in order: order a dresser, hang the light fixture, install the curtain rods and order new curtains, paint the walls and assemble the crib!! I carried the crib up from storage last week and put it against the wall to see what it looks like and I like it a lot. I am so glad that we can reuse so much stuff we had for Lillian.

Like I mentioned before, this second pregnancy has been a lot more about the emotional changes and feelings I am having. It's so different because last time there was definitely a bit of mystery and this time I'm so aware of the magic, the physical changes, the incredible labor experience, but I can't stop thinking about how life will be so different! I can hardly wait!

30 Weeks Update

Baby is the size of: a Zucchini at about 15.7-inches and 2.9-pounds! 

Weight Gain: 21.5 lbs 

Been Loving: I was recently introduced to Every Mother, a community and app that helps repair diastasis recti, the abdominal separation that happens during pregnancy. I love doing the at home workouts and core compressions. My belly feels tighter, my back pain has gone away, and I love feeling like I have a program I can follow. I will be sharing more on Every Mother later this week!

Also, this little girl moves like you wouldn't believe!! She does something like a booty dance in there. It's never like one kick, she moves side to side and it feels like an earth quake is going on in there! Lillian moved a lot, too, but had different movements!

Craving:  So weird, but I am loving chicken salad!!!

Goals for the next couple of weeks: Organize the nursery, organize Lillian's closet, do some financial stuff, get a new carrier, organize stuff for The Bundle of Joy, exercise more!!! I feel like I need to go on more walks. Last week when my pelvis was bothering me I took a break from walking and I need to get back to Stow Lake! Spend more time with Jesse and Lillian!

Looking forward to:  Our friends' weddings, a quick weekend trip, Lillian starting the school year in a few weeks, family time, and great San Francisco weather!

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