Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks.

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Happy Monday! I woke up this morning feeling so rested and refreshed after an amazing weekend in Sonoma! Jesse, Lillian and I had a blast getting out of the city and enjoy the sunshine and relaxing atmosphere of Sonoma. Most of the time when we go out of town we are with family so it was really nice to get away the three of us and just have some family time. Especially as we are getting ready to welcome our newest bundle of joy in just a few weeks!

I am 33 weeks pregnant and just had a doctors appointment this morning. I've mentioned this before but I always schedule the appointments for first thing in the morning because I like dropping Lillian off at school and then walking a few blocks to the appointment. Honestly, not much to report from the appointments because they are so quick. Usually, it's just a physical check up- vitals, weight, and basic questions about how I am feeling. They are quick and usually end with my doctor saying, "not much else to go over since this is your second pregnancy". I've been going myself because they're so quick and at a different (less convenient) location for Jesse to join. He's going to come to the next appointment when we have an ultrasound.

The great news about the appointment was that our baby girl is head down! And the doctor told me that she is very low!!! And I said, I know! I have to go to the bathroom every 7 minutes! I was so happy to hear that baby is head down! What a relief! But I had a strong feeling because I could feel her hiccups last week and they were low.

Okay, so what else is new? Still have A LOT to do on the nursery. Assemble the crib, assemble the dresser, choose a pain color, install the light fixture! Yikes, seeing that list is making me feel like we need to get on this! Hoping to do most of it over the long weekend!

Oh yeahhhhh!! This Friday is my birthday! I will be 33 and I love that I am 33 weeks this week! I love lucky numbers! Excited for the year ahead and grateful for the past year. It's been pretty magical!

If you are expecting your first, I hope that it's going well! Good luck with nursery design! I hope you're enjoying the prenatal classes. I loved those so much. I am such a geek when it comes to school and love learning in a group environment. I might go back to school because I miss it so much! I signed up for the hospital tour and am going in a few weeks! Can't wait to check it out again because I like to visualize beforehand and I want to go back and see if it is what I remember.

This time around I created a baby registry on Amazon and made it private because you get a 15% completion code that you can apply to your items that have not been purchased. I created the registry because I wanted the discount on things I am going to buy. I'll share what I purchased and will do a longer post on baby registry stuff later.

Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier: I am VERY excited about this mini carrier! It's probably one of things I am most looking forward to trying out. I remember before I had Lillian I was like, I am not using a carrier! But it because one of your most trusted pieces- helps soothe baby, lets you be hands-free and makes it so easy to run errands. It's also great for dads/partners to carry the baby! Jesse loved carrying Lillian on our daily walks. I got this mini-carrier because it's smaller, light weight, and super easy to get on and off. I know it will be a lifesaver every morning and afternoon when I have to drop Lillian off at school and walk her into her classroom. I can just pop our baby girl in there!!! I got it in light blue.

Como Tomo Bottles: These were the bottles we used for Lillian and we liked them a lot. My friend Andie recommended them and they were great. I just got a new set since I am pretty sure I tossed the other ones. 

Angelcare Infant Bath: Really you can't go wrong with any bath, but I liked this one with the mesh holes. I am going to put the girls in the bath together so I liked this one from Angelcare.

33 Weeks Update

Baby is the size of: Baby is as big as a head of celery. She weighs about 4.2 pounds and measures about 17.2 inches—and may grow up to a full inch this week. Soooo exciting! That seems big to me but I can't wait-- getting real! The next couple of weeks are my favorite!

Weight Gain: The doctor said I had gained 25 lbs and that my weight should stay pretty much the same the rest of the pregnancy with just minor weight gain.

To-do List: Finish the nursery, pack my hospital bag and have it ready, get the car seat out and cleaned, get a going-home outfit, go see a movie!! I told Jesse I wanted to see a movie for my birthday because it will be a while before we're out at the movies again. 

Excited for: the long weekend with Jesse and Lillian! Celebrating my birthday! 

Lillian update: Man, this girl is totally hilarious! Three has been off to a great start! She is totally exhausting but in the best possible way. We are all ready for her to be a big sister. She loves this book Pinkalicious and loves wearing all pink. Her other favorite outfit is Purpalicious- a purple top and pants that Jesse's mom got her. She wakes up every morning and says either Pinkalicious or Purpalicious and we get her dressed.

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