Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

37 weeks

I just got home from this morning’s doctors appointment and it was really fun because Jesse and Lillian joined! Since we were having an ultrasound today to confirm that baby girl is head down, we thought it would be fun to have Lillian come and see her baby sister on the “computer”. Everything looks good and I am measuring just as I should at 37 weeks. Delivery feels so far away— I know I will go another two weeks- but when I think about how fast the past couple of weeks have gone it makes me like AKJBGJSBDKSDG!!!!

We had a really fun and relaxing weekend. It was the first one in a while where we stayed in the city. On Saturday morning, Lillian and I joined some friends at Candytopia and she really loved it. I will share more on that later!

I am taking maternity leave really seriously and am resting, exercising and going to get a massage this week. I’ve been sleeping really well and am so grateful. Our nursery is almost in order, we just need to figure what to put above the crib. The San Francisco native in me is always so hesitant to put anything over the crib in the event we have a big earthquake and something falls.

I have to be totally honest with everyone here- it has been so hard for my brain to work. It feels like all I can think about is Jesse, Lillian and this baby girl. It is so hard to sit down and write. Normally I can just open my laptop and the words pour out. I know that this is all part of pregnancy and I am really excited but feel so funny about it!

The picture above is from this weekend. We had an absolute blast at the tot trot for Lillian’s preschool. Don’t worry, I am 100% a crazy mom and love the thrill of it all! Lillian was great and ran the whole distance! I have been living in these clothes and will continue to do so after our girl arrives. I still haven’t bought anything maternity and am delighted because I know I won’t wear it again.

37 Weeks Update:

Baby is the size of: Romaine lettuce and measures about 19.1 inches. The average baby weight at 37 weeks is 6.3 pounds, and baby is gaining about half an ounce each day.

Weight Gain: 30lbs!!! At the doctors this morning I was weighed and finally got the exact amount I’ve gained! It was so funny because the nurse was like you’ve gained 30 lbs and immediately was like DON’T WORRY!!! I was like, “don’t worry, I’m not worried. I’m happy!” I wish women wouldn’t feel so horrible about gaining weight, especially during pregnancy!!!

Complaints: No complaints. Just moving a lot slower but still feeling good! I always wake up feeling great but then by the end of the day I just feel a little stiff.

Excited about: Everything! All of the changes! The chaos! The love we will feel!

Grateful for: Jesse and my parents and my friends. Jesse has been so incredible these last few weeks and I am sooooooo excited to see him welcome and hold our baby girl!! My parents have been extremely helpful with Lillian and taking care of her while we have various back to school events, weddings, and more. We really couldn’t do it without them!

Lillian Update: This girl just makes me heart so happy. She is so full of life, hilarious, intelligent, and independent. All of the things I didn’t become until 6th grade…hahah. She is still wearing monochromatic outfits- either all pink or all purple and is growing up so beautifully!


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