Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks.


Happy Monday! Here we are at 38 weeks and let me just start by saying that I can’t believe we are so close to the end! With my first pregnancy I was confident that I would make it to my due date and even possibly be a little late. With this second pregnancy I just wanted to make it to October! I am open to anytime for her to arrive now! I was reading in my favorite pregnancy book Nurture that it’s important to speak to your baby and say something along the lines of, “I trust you will come when you are ready and I will be ready to receive you.” I say it several times a day.

I can definitely feel this baby girl is getting squished in there. Last Friday I could feel that we’ve turned a corner. She’s bigger, tightly squeezed in there and labor is on the horizon. I physically feel a little different- I wake up feeling great but by 2pm feel similarly to the way you feel after a loooonnnng day of travel. Where you are tired and sore and can’t get comfortable. I don’t feel swollen, just tightness in my uterus at times and sore knees!! When I get into bed it feels like I went on a long hike or something!

The nursery is coming along and Jesse is going to hang the final pieces when he’s leave then I will share pictures of it. I snapped a few and shared on my Instagram stories and people were messaging me about where I bought certain things and I will definitely share soon!

We cannot wait to meet our baby girl! But I’d be lying if I said life hasn’t been a little nuts recently! It’s mostly because I am slowing down, beginning of school year activities for Lillian, and Jesse has been busy with work. I am really forcing myself to take it easy and rest but I also have so much to do— it’s hard to stop!

I am anxious for labor but I know that as soon as it starts I am going to get PUMPED! So excited!! Giving birth to Lillian was the coolest thing I have ever done and I am so looking forward to it again but am anxious leading up to it. Feels like any big game, performance or project- sometimes the anticipation is the worst part and it’s better to just get it started!

I hope that our baby comes next week sometime- the second week of October but at the same time, whenever she comes we will all be thrilled and ready!

38 Weeks Update

Baby is the size of: A winter melon! Baby girl is about 19.6 inches long and about 6.8 pounds.

Excited for: The moment when labor really starts and I can get into the zone! Also, can’t believe we will have two babies— so surreal!!

Nervous for: Not making it to the hospital on time.

Grateful for: Jesse, our families and our friends!


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