6 years of wedded bliss.


Happy Friday! Tomorrow Jesse and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary!! You can see my previous posts from our anniversaries here:

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I can't believe that I've been blogging for this long that I have this many anniversary posts on here! I went back and read them and I barely wrote anything, so I thought I would write a longer post so that I could look back on this special time! First off, I want to start off by saying that I feel so grateful that my blog is really a place to document and share my life. It is extremely therapeutic and I am such a nostalgic and sentimental person that I LOVE going back and rereading the memories, especially after my mom-brain is making me forget certain things.

So, six years of marriage with Jesse and every day is better and better. I really could not think of a more perfect partner for me. And, probably surprising to many, I couldn't think of a more perfect partner for Jesse! We really are like two pieces that come together for the perfect fit. While we seem so different at first glance, the truth is that our interests are different, but our core values are so aligned. While Jesse loves sci-fi and technology and I love art and visuals, we both value family, self-motivation, working hard, having an entrepreneurial spirit, being confident in who we are, learning, and enjoying everyday life.

Honestly, the past three years have been so magical. When we had Lillian, both Jesse and I grew as individuals and even closer as a couple. Having a baby brought us even closer and made us admire one another and fall in love with each other in a new way. Seeing your husband become a father is so rewarding.

I always get so many questions about whether or not Jesse and I fight. And the truth is, we don't. We're such a good team and work together on things that there is nothing to really fight about. We respect one another and if something is bothering us, we talk about it. Also, both of us are great communicators so it's really easy to figure things out. I will say to Jesse, "I would like you to tell me how proud you are of me!" or I tell him what I need. And, I've also learned what Jesse needs as an individual and work to make sure he gets that-- basketball on Saturday mornings, quiet time on the weekends, and I have definitely learned to make sure after a long work day that he eats before I start trying to chat his ear off.

Another question I get asked a lot of people is how I make it work with Jesse's busy work schedule and demands. The truth is that Jesse has always worked. Even when we were 23 and first dating he would say to me I have to work from 2-4 on Saturday and then we can hang out! Also, watching Jesse work so hard at something for so many years (over 5!!!) is incredibly rewarding and makes me so proud! His dedication and unbelievable stamina is totally insane and unlike anyone I have ever met before.

If anything, Jesse's work has brought us closer together. We're both invested in the success of the company and it has been inspiring to watch Jesse navigate so many things with poise, gratitude, and energy. And he would tell you how he couldn't do it without me!!! Haha! I just don't want everyone thinking I'm totally obsessed with him in this one-sided way! He needs me, guys! Maybe he'll write a blog post one day and tell everyone how much he loves me.

But for now, I just want to say, Happy 6th Anniversary to my wonderful husband, the best dad to our Lillian and our baby girl on the way!!!


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