Today I thought I would share 10 things about myself that you might not know! Here we go!

  1. I don't love fast fashion. I really love when I seeing others wearing pieces from Zara and whenever I trek to the downtown location I feel myself let out a sigh of ugghhh. It's crowded, loud, and I have a super power for picking out the single most expensive item. It's the worst! This jacket is from Zara and I really do love the design but for $169.00 I could have skipped it and purchased something else. Plus, I feel like everything in Zara smells like a machine. My closet stinks because of this jacket! I like their pieces but when I see it so crowded and everyone buying the same piece, I usually end up leaving empty handed. The Zara at Stonestown is new but feels a lot less glamorous than the downtown location. They do have cute baby clothes though! I purchased a darling sweatshirt for Lillian.
  2. I have to have a piece, or two, of toast a day. I usually start and end my day with a piece of sourdough bread with lots of butter.
  3. I really like myself. It's not as egotistical as it seems, I swear. I've just always enjoyed myself, my personality, my body, and my looks. I don't look in the mirror and think bad thoughts about my appearance or feel down that others have more. I don't compare myself to others because really, my life is about me. My story is about me. There's no time to waste thinking about others. If this attitude seems egotistical, I just want to say that I think the actual problem is that most people are self-conscious or insecure so they make me seem overly self-centered.
  4. I don't judge others. People will always say things to me like, "don't look at my hair today. It's awful." Or, "you're so fashionable, I don't normally dress like this." The funny thing is that I truly see the best in people and don't care what their appearance is; I only care that they're nice.
  5. I'm a purposeful parent.  It might seem like we live in La-La Land over here with Lillian, but the truth is that I'm pretty strict with her. Manners and kindness are important, but so is independence, finding your voice, and working hard. I have a vision for the type of character I want my children to have and make decisions based on working towards it. I also am very aware of the fact that Lillian receives a lot of gifts and toys and amazing opportunities at such a young age and don't take that lightly. We roll out and rotate her toys, decline invitations to certain events, and work hard to instill an attitude of gratitude.
  6. I've been rejected from so many jobs. This one always surprises people. But the truth is, on paper, I don't have the strongest resume. And I've made like three career switches. I know I could do (almost) any job because I am a hard worker, creative, problem solver. yada yada. But I don't have any big name companies on my resume to help get my foot through the door. Over the years, I have applied to the deYoung (rejected!), BloomThat (rejected!), SFMOMA (rejected!), Sephora (rejected!), I'm trying to think of the other ones that have politely sent me an automated rejection email!! Haha! Granted, I think their application platforms are a black box, I just want you to know that you have to keep applying and staying positive and then just saying, forget this, I'm starting my own thing!
  7. I say hi to everyone I *think* I might know. I was getting my nails done and this technician looked so familiar. I told her I recognized her and it turns out she was at another salon I used to go to. I saw a woman who I knew went to Convent and we started chatting and she was amazing. I also really like chatting with strangers. I am always trying to find ways to connect with others. Meetings? God, I love them! Everyone hates them and I'm like this is the best part of my day when I get to chat and collaborate with others!
  8. I trust my gut. I am incredibly intuitive. But sometimes I just get this gut feeling. I've had it a lot recently-- maybe it's my mom intuition. But sometimes I will say to Jesse, "we have to do xyz. I just know it".  
  9. I want three kids.  Jesse and I both want a big family (by today's standards) but who knows if we will just have two. We haven't decided yet. There are so many things to consider!!!
  10. I don't read blogs. I really don't read blogs or really spend time on social media, except to post my blogs and photos. I don't even read this blog! Ha! That's why there's always so many typos and when people text or email me that there are typos I just leave them. I want to be real. And I also want my readers to feel good about catching them! 

Thanks for reading!!!! Love you all to the moon and back!!


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