I wrote last week about how I have been shopping at Ann Taylor since I was 13. It has been fascinating to watch the company grow, evolve, and define their style. I love this black dress because it makes you feel Cat Woman meets Kate Middleton: the leather sleeves and the a-line shape made it impossible to pass this up. 

This week was definitely a whirlwind. Jesse was in Tahoe all week for a company retreat so I was home alone, living the single-girl life. It was fun to eat popcorn for dinner, binge watch The Mindy Project (my fav show- I just die every time Dr. L has a Chanel bag), take a bath every night, sleep in the middle of the bed, and not have to fold clothes.

As much as I had a great time living the life of Carrie Bradshaw, I was so happy to see Jesse. As soon as he got home, we went out for a date night in Nob Hill. We were so eager to grab food and catch up that we quickly shot these photos. Every time we take photos, we do weird outtakes with props and bad faces (those are not intentional, he just catches me when I'm not ready). Maybe one day I will share the photos with the recycling bin or the ones with dog I pretended was mine. In the meantime, check out these perfect pieces from Ann Taylor for Perfect 10 SF Style (and a few outtakes below)!

A few outtakes!

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