The past few days I have really been craving a quick getaway to Sonoma! Jesse and I were talking about how we can't wait to head up there to go swimming!! So I thought I should share these photos from my visit to Arrowood Vineyards in January. We went when there was that first big storm of the year and I was lucky to have a break in the rain for my drive up. 

My friend Emily of Jetsetting Fashionista and Emily Martin Events invited a group of us to have a wine and food pairing with Arrowood wine and food from Girl and the Fig (I've talked about them so many times-- I love this restaurant on the Sonoma Square and I'm actually working right now on hiring their food truck, The Fig Rig, for an upcoming Sonoma event!!).

I loved visiting Arrowood Vineyards for a private tasting with their head winemaker Kristina. I love that a female is a head winermaker-- it's honestly something that you rarely see. She was knowledgeable and passionate and I loved hearing how much planning goes into their wine making process years in advance.

I have shared before how when I am doing something fun I am not great at caputring the moment with photos-- I usually take a few photos and put my camera away. I think looking back at these few photos here I am really realizing that I didn't do justice to the experience. For really great photo's check out my friend Kendall's post here!!

We had a three course meal (!!!) prepared by the head chef of Girl and the Fig and it was so delicious that I couldn't even wait to take photos of it!! I have learned my lesson and will take better photos when I have special opportunities like this one.

If you're heading to Sonoma and looking for an intimate event-- birthday party, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner- then check out Arrowood's upstairs private event space.

While I spend so much time up in Sonoma I am by no means an expert on everything that this special place have to offer. I am always so grateful to learn more about the community, wine, food, and businesses.






Thank you to Emily Martin and Arrowood Vineyards for this great event!

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