Life with Audrey.

Well, life has been pretty great since our Little Miss Audrey Celine came into our lives. Yesterday Audrey turned two weeks old and it was also her due date! We are delighted she came early and has graced us with her special presence. She has been a joy in our lives and the overwhelming sense of gratitude I have hasn’t eased up one bit.

Prior to her arrival, things felt a little hectic in our lives. Busy stuff at work for Jesse, the start of Lillian’s school year, and for me, I was focused on organizing things for The Bundle of Joy. Since Audrey’s arrival things, funny enough, seem simpler! We are in the grove for Lillian’s school year and I have been resting for the past two weeks and pretty much haven’t left the house. It’s been amazing and I feel really great. I told Jesse before we had Audrey that I wasn’t going to go anywhere or do anything until Thanksgiving! Which has been great but I really miss going to Sonoma and Marin! Luckily, we’ve been having great weather here!

I always called Lillian our lucky charm because she brought such great joy to our lives and was a catalyst for us to make changes in our lives. I was calling Audrey our blue angel because she was born the weekend of Fleet Week, but also because she is our angel looking out for us and bringing us so much positive energy.


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