Audrey is FOUR MONTHS!


OMG, just looking at that little face makes me want to melt!! WHAT. A. CUTIE. Miss Audrey is four months old and we cannot get over how darling she is! She is an amazing sleeper, great at nursing and is the smiliest baby I have ever seen!

Everyone asks how the same two questions: how is life with two? and how is Lillian doing?

Life with two is amazing!! It’s a constant juggle but I really enjoy it. Audrey is starting to get more predictable sleeping patterns so I can usually plan accordingly. We simply couldn’t do it without the help of our families and we are so fortunate that they live here. I keep saying that with two kids you have one foot in lala newborn baby land and one foot in reality with the drop offs and preschool happenings. It sounds completely absurd but I am very intentional and disciplined at focusing on Audrey in our own newborn land. We take it slow and I try and do everything for Audrey that I did for Lillian. I’ve been purposeful in how I spend my time and I have just been declining invitations and focusing on family. It’s been great and we are going to start music classes soon!

Audrey is happy, easy-going and seriously, such a sweetheart!!! She is calm and a dream baby. I feel so fortunate. She looks at Lillian with the biggest smiles— it’s adorable!!

Lillian is doing fabulous as a big sister. It is so hard to believe that she is going to be four in June!! She is thriving at school and it has been incredible to see her social and emotional development explode the past couple of months. She is independent and resolute, but she simply adores her baby sister. It is such a blessing to see!!! We are so incredibly grateful.


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