Audrey is TWO MONTHS!


Yesterday our sweet Little Miss Audrey Celine turned two months! It is incredible how fast and slow the time has gone, in the best way possible! We are absolutely loving life as a family of four and are so excited to celebrate Christmas this year! Holding Audrey in my arms and knowing she is happy and healthy is the best gift ever and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for her.

We’ve been busy around here since I last wrote a blog post celebrating Audrey’s 1st month. We’ve had a party at our house for my girlfriends to meet her, we hosted Thanksgiving, we got our Christmas tree, we’ve had playdates and we survived the poor air quality due to the fires in Northern California.

Our week days are bookended by Lillian’s drop off and pick up from school and Audrey and I usually fit in one activity a day- either going grocery shopping, running errands, going to appointments, and visiting with friends.

Audrey is an amazing little lady and has been so easy and we are so appreciative! She is a love bug and loves to snuggle. She is great at nursing and an incredible sleeper!! I kick myself for every day that goes by and I haven’t written out my labor story! I want to do it so I can remember it and read it later, as I did with Lillian’s labor story.

Audrey is sweet and honestly, has this incredible twinkle in her eye. She is grazing more intently at us and OMG!! Her smiles!!! They just make me MELT!!!!!

I am loving being a mom of two and I said to Jesse the other day, I think we need to have two more kids!! Who knows but I just can’t wait!

There are definitely things that are trying about having two kids but it’s all worth it. Our house is a disaster from Lillian’s toys! Ha! That’s why I always love when people give her books for presents- easy clean-up and no little pieces! I usually drop Lillian off at school and then come home and organize our house for twenty minutes after the disaster we’ve made of it trying to get out the door.

Getting the bedtime routine for both girls at the same time can be challenging and some nights Lillian goes to bed at 10, but oh well. It’s all temporary and I’m just loving every minutes of this special time.

We couldn’t do it without our families and friends who have been so generous with their time and thoughtfulness.

I told Jesse that I just need a few things to help me get through everything. They are showers, massages, our cleaning lady, Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and healthy, delicious food. Those things are my sanity and keep me going with a smile on my face.

One of the things that people might not know about me, and I get this from my mom and I hope to give it to my children, is that I’m really easy-going and I don’t sweat the small stuff. Growing up with four siblings and lots of moving parts, I just saw my mom be in control and roll with everything. I am so appreciative because if you sweat the small stuff you’ll be miserable!!

Jesse has been so busy with work but in true Jesse fashion, has been incredible and balancing it all so impressively and loves Audrey so much! He has also been so amazing with Lillian and it’s been wonderful to see their bond strengthen even more- those two are peas in a pod!

I will write Audrey’s labor story this week!!! Hopefully Friday!!

Happy Holidays to all!!


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