Favorite Baby Products for Audrey.


This is one of my favorite photos of the girls! Lillian jumped into Audrey’s crib and asked me to take a picture of them! It has been so fun seeing their sisterly bond grow each day and I am so thankful we have two girls.

I wrote a lot of posts when I was pregnant with Lillian and when she was a newborn of my favorite products. The baby industry moves fast and new products are always coming out so I wanted to share some new products that we have recently discovered and love for Audrey.

We actually didn’t end up buying too much stuff for Audrey since we have a lot from Lillian. We used the same crib (teething marks, and all) and just got new sheets and other decor items. I will share a post later on how we decorated Audrey’s room! We love how it came together!!

So here are the new products we bought and love:

Amazon Cloud Cam: We love this camera because it is easy to set up and very clear. But most importantly, you install the Cloud Cam app and can view the camera on your phone. We didn’t have a monitor for Lillian but we needed one for Audrey because the set-up of our new place makes it hard to hear if you’re far away. When we travel I simply unplug the camera and move it into our living room so that we can have a view of our house and front door. It’s so nice to be able to check on the house. It’s so easy to do because the camera is set up through wifi so it remembers the network and automatically reconnects. I also LOVE watching Lillian run in to Audrey’s room in the mornings and can listen to their “conversations”. You can download clips to serve as video keepsakes, which I do often!! Shop it here.

Pottery Barn Bassinet: We had the Halo Bassinet for Lillian and when I set it up in our current place it just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get the height right with our bed height and it just made me feel cramped. We used Claire’s Bassinet that she used for her son Luca and it was really quite perfect because of the wheels!! The first three months Audrey slept in the bassinet and I would wheel it around the house depending on where I was sleeping (couch vs. bed) and where Lillian was playing. The Halo is really big and heavy and does not have wheels so I ended up not using it. Shop it here.

Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier: This is BY FAR my favorite item we had for Audrey and definitely our most used. Since I have to drop off and pick up Lillian at school, I have to park and walk her in to school and sign her off. It’s not always ideal when I’m in my pajamas but I actually appreciate it because it’s nice to see the other families in a casual setting and I think about how when Lillian is older we’ll just do curbside drop off- cue the sobbing emoji. This carrier is sooo easy to put on and just slide Audrey in. I love the blue color we got and it’s literally like a third arm so I can be hands free. Shop it here.


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