I met Barbara in preschool, when we were just 3 years old. She was always the kid who was dangling from the monkey bars, so fearless and fierce. We also attended high school together where I had the opportunity to hear her beautiful voice at assemblies and choir concerts.

The thing that I love about Barbara is that whatever she does, she does it with all of her heart, screaming her head off, and with a huge smile on her face. Whether she is cheering for her alma mater Syracuse, her boys on the SF Giants, or bidding farewell to the Niners at Candlestick, she gives it her all.

We don't see each other often but I am inspired by her every single day. She is a yoga champion and instructor at several bay area studios. Her daily instagram posts of encouragement quotes and unbelievably flexible poses are awe-inspiring. She is constantly pushing herself, and as someone who is terrible at yoga, I feel like she is super human. Looking at the photos of her, it's hard to not feel like a lazy, inflexible, piece of garbage. But if you really know her, you know that she is the nicest, most optimistic, supportive person ever.

When she's not teaching yoga or cheering for her sports teams, she can be found relaxing in Sebastopol with her winemaker husband, Dan at his winery Brack Mountain Winery.

Barbara's instagram photos are truly beautiful! Check them out or take one of her classes!

Here are Barbara's perfect 10 pairs (I wonder if she consciously chose orange and black for the Giants?).

caroline curran