Life has been so much fun recently. Well, I guess it's always been fun, but it's a new type of fun around here. Lillian is almost 15 months and is the light of our lives. While she was a very easy-going baby, she wasn't the most cuddley- until recently!!! And it is the best thing ever!! Her new favorite thing to do is grab a book and come and sit on our lap and snuggle. It really is the sweetest thing and makes my heart melt.

She also does such funny things- she loves playing with magnets and moving them from the refrigerator to the dishwasher. She loves organizing her shoes (not sure where she got that from)!!! And she loves screaming "BALL!" whenever she sees a ball around the house. And she absolutely LOVES screaming "DOG!" when she sees a dog on our walks. It cracks me up when we say, "Okay, Lillian time for nigh-nigh" and she will go and lay her head down!!! Oh, and just like me, Lillian cannot get enough of Adele. Whenever she hears the first three notes of Water Under the Bridge she comes running in to start dancing. That song was playing while we snapped these photos! The list of her fun behaviors goes on and on!

These moments recently have been so special and bring us so much joy. Since Lillian loves books so much I thought it would be fun to create a book for her. I have always wanted to write children's books and have drafted a few, so I thought it would be so fun to create "Lillian's San Francisco Day!" and turn it into a book with Blurb Books

I wrote a few drafts and didn't love it so I am going to fine tune it and give it to her for Christmas. In the meantime, I thought it would be so fun to take all of her monthly photos from the Red Chair series (last seen here) and put them into one book for her! On the cover I put one of my absolute favorite photos of Lillian that we took on her actual birthday!

Making the book with Blurb was easier than I could have imagined and I am hooked! I can't wait to make a book of our summer adventures in Sonoma and our trip to Hawaii (last seen here). I think I am also going to make a book of some of my baby photos for my golden birthday!!

I made a Square photo book so that the square photos would be full-bleed. I also love this 7 inch size because Lillian can hold the book by herself. I also like the oversized books- like the large 12x12 square and the large 13x11 landscape book. I always think of my blog as a place when Lillian can come in the future when she's older and read about our special memories- from everything to my weekly pregnancy update with her to our weekend adventures. But who knows what will happen so I love that the Blurb books are permanent memories she can have and read now as a 14, almost 15, month old!! And for you design lovers out there It's cool that Adobe InDesign is built in to the book making process!

If you are looking for a great gift for a special birthday, or the holidays or a wedding, or really any occasion, then you need to check out Blurb Books!



A special thank you to Blurb Books for sponsoring this post. We appreciate working with companies who help us create wonderful memories- like dancing in matching pajamas.

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