Brighten Made.

brighten made

I am so delighted to give a big shoutout to one of my favorite people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with, Briana of Brighten Made. Bri has been such a source of inspiration and help for me. She is one of the most talented graphic designers, artists, and creatives I have ever known! 

It's been incredible to follow her transition from working full-time at a corporate graphic design job to growing her two side businesses (Flyover Design Co. and Brighten Made) to full-on design studios offering a range of creative services. The hustle that she has is INSANE!!! She works so hard and always delivers!!

Bri has been a dream come true to work with!! I actually got her contact information from Claire because Claire used her for her event planning website. Bri has been so helpful in redesigning my blog website, working on all branding and design for The Bundle of Joy, and all of the many other projects I throw her way!

If you are looking for branding and graphic design help, please reach out to her!! Either way, check out her portfolio and Instagram for some of her amazing work!


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