The Bundle of Joy is ONE!


Today is a big milestone for The Bundle of Joy! The company is officially a year old! While I had the idea for The Bundle almost eight months before it launched, I consider August 1st as The Bundle's birthday!!!

What started as a simple idea has grown into something so wonderful and I am so proud of all that we've accomplished the first year! There are so many people I have to thank and I hope I don't leave anyone off!!! First and foremost, I have to thank everyone who has ordered a Bundle!! You have helped support this small business owner's dream!!! I am so excited about what is in store for this second year and am proud to share that last week was our best week in sales! I am also thrilled to welcome our Bundle of Joy baby girl this October because I know she will inspire me endlessly!!!

A special thanks to:

My husband Jesse for his endless support and incredible business insight and technical support! My sister in law, Erienne for the inspiration when I couldn't figure out what to get her when she had her newborn! My designer Bri of Brighten Made for helping bring my vision to life and walking along the entrepreneurial journey with me! My family and friends for their support, especially my parents and Claire!! My photographer Melanie who captures the most beautiful images of the Bundles! My fellow female business owners who just get it: Michelle Wilcox of Lyon Street Salon and Margaret Coblentz of Frances Austen. My original model Megan and her darling Sweet Caroline! My friend Jessica for her support! My best friend Andie for all of her insight and creativity and for always being there to answer my zillion question and share her talents!!! And of course, Nancy Held, one of my favorite people in the entire world who introduced me to the baby space!!

I was going to do a big one-year anniversary party but I thought, FORGET THAT! It's time to work even harder! Instead, I am having a friend share how she would put a party together and we're taking the money we would have spent and donating it to Benioff Children's Hospital!!!!



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