HAPPY FRIDAY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL BIG SISTER CAITLIN!!!! Last year I didn't do a big post on Caitlin because she doesn't like a lot of attention, but mostly because she was making some career changes and didn't want any attention. So, today we celebrate Caitlin in grand style!!!!

Ohhhh...should I do the top 10 things I love slash you might not know about how I did for Colleen and Claire's birthday?! Yayyy!! I am excited! seems like I barely write about Caitlin on here, but when your older sister asks you politely not to do something (read tells you not to do something), you listen. In our family, birthdays are not just about the person they are really about the entire family. We celebrate the individual but also the impact they have had on our family, funny memories, their strengths, and greatest achievements!!

Caitlin and I are only three years apart and it has made for some special experiences. She was a senior when I was a freshman at Convent and then again at USD. She is always watching out for me but always gave me space to have my own experience. 

Here are some of the wonderful things about I love about Caitlin:

  1. Caitlin is a puzzle whiz. She can solve word puzzles in a snap and I can vividly remember as a child her solving Wheel of Fortune puzzles before anyone even spun the wheel- she could figure it out from the hint.
  2. She doesn't drink coffee! I don't think Caitlin has ever had a sip of coffee in her entire life. I am not kidding! She prefers hot cocoa. 
  3. She loves shoes. I think Caitlin might have the best shoe collection out of all of us. Her wedding shoes take the cake! She has a playful and effortless style that I adore.
  4. She graduated from college in 3 years and then completed her masters. Yep, Caitlin is kind of a brainiac and took enough AP classes in high school to start college as a "sophomore",
  5. Caitlin introduced us to glassybaby. I post a lot about glassybaby because we all love them so much but it was Caitlin who introduced us to this wonderful company. She has the best collection and displays them beautifully in her home. They are the only gifts she ever wants so it makes shopping for her easy.
  6. Caitlin is a wonderful actress. She made her acting debut when she was in 7th grade as Flame Fondue and was the star of the play. I'll never forget sitting in the audience watching her on stage in her red dress!!! She seemed so grown-up and talented!!
  7. Caitlin has always supported me, especially during our State Championship basketball run. Caitlin was in San Diego at college but would fly up on Southwest for a night or two and come to our basketball games because she wanted to be there with our family and friends during that exciting time. She even was superstitious and only wore her red corduroy pants. HA! That makes me smile so much!
  8. She loves theme parties! Caitlin loves entertaining and always welcomes everyone to her home. But she especially loves theme parties and decorating every detail. 
  9. Caitlin is an incredible wife and mom. I have had the fortunate luck to watch Caitlin tackle every experience successfully. I have loved having a big sister to guide me through life, especially through new parenthood. Caitlin and Niall have been together for 10 years (they met on St. Patrick's Day!!!). They are great parents and love Camilla and Clementine so much and have allowed us to all create one big family. Caitlin is a loving, patient, kind, generous, thoughtful and playful mother. Watching her made me so excited to be a mom and she is the person I always go to when I have a parenting question.
  10. Caitlin is an incredible aunt. This is so fun! With the arrival of Miss Lillian, Caitlin became an aunt in our family, a new title and role for her! It has been extremely special to see her special relationship with Lillian grow and I am grateful for the love she shares.

Lots of love to my favorite, wise and wonderful big sister Caitlin!! Happy Birthday Tootsie! Now we are off to celebrate!