A few weeks ago I had the special privilege to attend Camp Covert, a fun experience at Covert Estate in Napa. Along with a handful of other bloggers and photographers, I got to have the full wine country experience of harvesting our food in Chef Malcom of Silverado Cooking School's home garden, go wine tasting at Covert Wines with owners Julian and Elan, then cook our lunch and enjoy the Napa sun and delicious food and wine pairings.

I am very fortunate because I get invited to a lot of wonderful events and experiences and I have to say that attending the day-long Camp Covert event has been one of my favorites. I really, really enjoyed gardening and am inspired to start my own urban garden in our backyard. I loved picking snap peas off the plant and eating them in the garden. 

I have always loved learning and sharing about other's passions and spending the day with Covert Estate and Silverado Cooking School team was an absolute blast. It was such a trip to leave the bustling city and head to Napa where everyone is savoring life's pleasures. Ha! Then to head back to the city after a relaxing and rejuvenating day reminded me how much I love the wine country.

I especially loved hearing winemaker Julian's story of wanting to bring the quality of rose from his native France to Napa Valley ten years ago when rose was not popular! He and his wife Elan launched Azur wines and started by selling their delicious rose on the side of the road because they just had to spread the word.

I wish that I could share how truly magical this day was. I don't feel like I am doing it justice!! I walked away from the day grateful for the opportunity, thankful that I have my blog that allows me to have such amazing opportunities and to introduce readers to great experiences that they would love.

Be sure to check out Covert Estate and Silverado Cooking School. You can book this lovely experience by contact Rebekah at Happy cooking and drinking!