The Clean Plate Cook Book.


For the last few months, eight to be exact, we have implemented a healthier lifestyle, starting with our diet. It was a culmination of things- my pregnancy, Jesse’s stress levels, and Tunie girl’s desire to eat mac’n’cheese at every meal. I simply couldn’t believe I was that parent! With a child who only wanted one thing for dinner. Where did our adventurous baby-led-weaning pro go??

I knew we had to take action and honestly, it’s been the best thing we’ve done. We cut out wheat and dairy, increased greens, and got an Instant Pot to try new and easy recipes. We all immediately felt better, had more energy, and loved the adventurous side of discovering and testing new recipes. Our favorite is the buffalo chicken for the Instant Pot— such a great recipe to have in your repertoire!!!

After traveling a bit earlier this year, holiday breaks from school for Lunar New Year, and still adjusting to life with a newborn, we had gotten out of our routine. So when I received my copy of The Clean Plate, I was really excited to use it as inspiration for a renewed focus on our health.

I am pretty neutral on goop- I think they do a fabulous job on bringing well-educated professionals who are revered in their respective fields to a larger audience. I appreciate their focus on health and wellness and I think that everyone can all appreciate Gwyneth Paltrow’s ability to inspire so many people. I do take everything with a grain of salt because of the fiasco with the jade egg, but overall, I think the notion of focusing on health and wellness is always a great idea.

So, the cook book review- the recipes are generally pretty easy, but take a few times to get right because they are unlike most things I am used to cooking. It’s a lot of ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, and kale— which I love. I love having these recipes in my arsenal and whipping up some quick soups and having later on a busy night or for lunch.

The approach I have been taking recently is to go back to basics, eat more greens, add in lots of natural flavors. The cook book has this same philosophy and that’s why I enjoyed it. At this point, you can just google the recipes or search clean recipes. What GP has done through this goop press book is made things accessible to the masses and this is something I can get behind. I only recently cleaned up my diet and it’s something I wish I had done sooner!


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