#100 Days of Sunshine with Cuties.

With freezing cold weather we've been having recently (by California standards) everyone has been saying and sharing how they can't wait for warmer weather and how they are dreaming of upcoming spring and summer vacations. Last weekend we spent time in Sonoma, our usual happy and sunny spot, but it was freezing! Instead of lounging out in the sun, we were all bundled up inside. That experience definitely reminded us how we can't wait for summer, as well!

As we wait for spring and summer, I decided what better way to bring some sunshine to our lives than to have an afternoon of crafting, snacking and creating memories. Lillian has been off school for a few days as her preschool has staff development days. We've spent our time going to the Zoo, the park, running errands, and just hanging out.

Since I'm not very crafty myself, I had the bright idea that we would try and do a fun craft together- something foolproof. After seeing Cuties on Instagram and their creative DIY, I thought we could try something easy with them! I mean, how cute is this idea, and this idea, and this idea!!! 

Cuties are our go-to around here for just about everything, so why not try some more advanced crafts with them! We love Cuties for so many reasons and they are a staple on our grocery list. Lillian must have inherited my love for citrus because she seriously cannot get enough of them. I always include two in her lunchbox and we are constantly snacking on them on the weekend, especially when we are out and about. We especially love that they are seedless and easy for Lillian to chew-- such a relief as a parent!

It has been so fun to watch Lillian's independence grow over the past couple of months and I am completely amazed at how she can peel the Cutie by herself. Jesse and I always say to her after she peels it, "oh, what a Cutie!" and we all giggle! There are also fun games we like to play as we eat our Cuties- counting, one-for-me and one-for-you, and making shapes with them.

As we countdown to summer and the festivities, we wanted to celebrate #100daysofsunshine with Cuties, so we created this fun DIY-- and by fun DIY, I mean I went to the Easter section at the store and got an egg decorating kit! It was so easy and fun because we didn't have to boil the eggs and I didn't have to worry about making a mess. We decorated Cuties as ice cream cones, which I knew Lillian would love because she inherited my love for ice cream!

I hope not, but maybe Lillian inherited my skills in the DIY department because she would rather line up the Cuties in a row than decorate them!

While we had plans for a fun picnic, this alternative to the cold weather was just the sunshine we needed yesterday! Lillian heads back to school tomorrow and I can't wait to pack two Cuties ice cream cones in her lunch :)

I'm not the craftiest person so check out Cuties on Instagram and Facebook for more DIY inspiration and ideas! If you're looking to add sunshine to your life as we wait for summer, be sure to add Cuties to your shopping cart-- they're the perfect snack to enjoy with the ones you love.


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PS- Can you even handle Lillian throwing this Cutie up in the air? She is such a playful toddler!

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Thank you to Cuties for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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