Holiday ready.


To say we are ready for the holidays is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! We could not be more excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of four!! I loved celebrating Christmas with the three of us the past couple of years and loved seeing Lillian enjoy Christmas more and more each year, but it always felt a little quiet. Growing up with four siblings, our house was always buzzing with excitement but no more so than on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

After striking out at two Christmas tree lots, we have our tree, garland, wreath, and stockings up! We’ve switch the girls’ sheets to Christmas sheets, saw Santa, have been to a few holiday parties, watched some holiday movies, and have the Christmas table cloth on our dining room table! Oh, and Christmas pop is playing non-stop on Alexa throughout the house!

Almost all of our Christmas shopping is done and now we’re just focusing on celebrating each moment! It feels a little funny to have everything in order this far in advance, but I am really enjoying it! I could hardly believe it over Thanksgiving break when Jesse said to me we should get our tree early this year!! I’ve never been one to get in the festive spirit quite so early, but when all of the “work” is done (decorating, shopping, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning), than it’s really nice to just enjoy the spirit of the season!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!


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