Q & A with de Gournay.

A super soft pinky palette of our hand painted 'Amazonia' wallpaper for the launch of the gorgeous  @suzannekasler  Paris collection for  @hickorychair   @highpointmarket

A super soft pinky palette of our hand painted 'Amazonia' wallpaper for the launch of the gorgeous @suzannekasler Paris collection for @hickorychair @highpointmarket

It's no surprise that I've been having such a fascination with wallpaper recently. I've been posting images of my favorite wallpaper and have been trying to find the perfect wallpaper for Baby #2's nursery.

My sister Caitlin and I had the prettiest blue floral wallpaper in our room growing up and I've always had an admiration for how it can drastically transform the space.

When it comes to wallpaper, there is nothing more beautiful and well-respected than de Gournay. I've always appreciated their panels but seeing them in person that past two years at the San Francisco Designer Showcase has made me fall in love with their unique and handmade panels. Everyone knows how much I loved the custom lemon wallpaper that Dina Bandman used in her nursery- you can see the post here.

There is also a de Gournay showroom on Sacramento Street in San Francisco if you want to see the panels in person. When I love a product or service I always want to know their story- how did they get started? What's the history? I just want to know it all. Luckily, I was able to connect with Charlotte of de Gournay to answer some of the questions I had been so curious about. Read below to see her answers!

Who runs the company? I see that it was founded by Rachel Cecil Gurney's father. Is she still the president of the company?

de Gournay was founded in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney, as a result of a personal endeavour to restore a set of antique Chinoiserie wallpaper panels. His search led him to mainland China, where the artistic methods used in the creation of the wallpapers had changed little since the late 17th century. Just over 30 years later, with showrooms in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai, the company remains a family business with Rachel and her sister Hannah both directors of the brand.

Who designs the panels?

de Gournay have a dedicated design team based in London. They oversee not only our established permanent collections, often based on original installations in historic properties worldwide, but also the creation of custom designs in response to specific client briefs. de Gournay’s collections are inspired by diverse historical periods, cultures and countries. The Chinoiserie collection is inspired by mid 18th Century Chinese taste with key distinguishable features such as vibrant decorative flora and fauna.

Whereas the Papier Peints Panoramiques collection is inspired by the 19th Century French nobility. The designs depict detailed vistas of varied subject matter: from far away lands and infamous battles to scenes of rural life

How are custom panels made?

de Gournay prides itself on having their own studios, in which all our wallpapers are painted entirely by hand.

Our extensive custom abilities enable de Gournay to achieve even the most complex client vision: from hand-gilding with 22ct gold leaf, to bespoke colours and intricate hand embroidered accents in silk thread, sequins or beading.

How much does one panel cost?

Pricing varies between designs, more so in the case of custom specifications. However, a panel of one of the less dense Chinoiserie motifs on a plain silk ground in standard design colours would be priced from say £758 per panel.

Which pieces are the best for nurseries/ children's rooms?

Chinoiserie wallpapers conjure a garden in the home – a space of colour and beauty to encourages happiness, calm and tranquillity within an interior. This is surely as effective for children as adults!

Where are your headquarters?

de Gournay’s flagship showroom is in London, Chelsea. Not far from the popular bustle of the Kings Road, the showroom is a well-established presence in the area.

For more information please visit www.degournay.com


Image 1: The prettiest of living rooms by @francescarowanplowden in Battel Hall @leedscastleuk and @degournay doing what we do best - beautiful tailored 18th century chinoiserie reinterpretations...
📸 by David Curran 

Image 2: Ethereal entry designed by @moliemalone featuring our abstract clouds hand painted on a hand laid gold leaf ground ☁️💫
📷 by @christopherstark

Image 3: Designed by @dinabandmaninteriors with hand painted de Gournay wallpaper and fabric. 📷 by @christopherstark at the @sfshowcase

Image 4: A stunning @milesreddbathroom from the archives, shot by @simonuptonphotos and featuring Early Views of India hand painted wallpaper 



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