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Happy Birthday to the best big brother, Danny!!! 

A lot of people always forget that I have an older brother. Most people think of us as the "Curran girls" until they see a family photo and say, "oh yeahhh-- you have a brother!" It's not that Danny is forgettable (he is actually quite unforgettable once you meet him), he is just independent and thinks that his sisters are crazy, so he doesn't spend a lot of time with us.

Danny is the most polite, thoughtful, funny, and talented brother. He is an incredible athlete, an inspirational artist, and an amazing uncle to Caitlin's two daughters. (Not trying to turn this site in to a dating site, but he is also single!)

He has great style and always looks put together. For more sophisticated looks when he is working in real estate, he sports J.Crew and Burberry. When he is coaching baseball to his 3rd graders, his everyday look includes Converse Jack Purcells and some item with his favorite professional teams: Newcastle United, Giants, 49ers, and Warriors. 

Danny has taught me a lot about men's fashion, so I've taken his style tips and curated the best looks from East Dane, the brother site to ShopBop. Since it's wedding season, I have selected the best blazers and ties and even scoured the 50% Off Men's items. 

Happy Birthday Danny and Happy Flag Day America!



50% Off Men's Items

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