Every Mother.


I am so delighted to introduce Every Mother, an evidence-based prenatal and postnatal fitness solution, and efficient system workouts for women during all stages of motherhood!!! I was so fortunate to connect with Every Mother Founder, Leah Keller a few weeks ago. Well, actually I should say reconnect because we met in passing almost two years ago at a moms event. She introduced herself and said she was the founder of The Dia Method, a well-known program for postpartum moms to repair diastasis recti, which is the separation of the abdominal muscles that happens during pregnancy due to a growing belly.

Leah and I met for tea and connected over pregnancy, motherhood, postpartum fitness struggles, wellness and more. Leah developed the Dia Method while living in New York and recently expanded and updated it to Every Mother. I had heard about the program when it was featured on NPR last year and was really curious but somehow life got in the way of learning more.

I found it so serendipitous to reconnect with Leah because this second pregnancy has been really interesting and, if I am being honest, has given me moments of disappointment in myself because I realized how little post-partum recovery work I had done. While I looked like I was back in shape (thank you breastfeeding for a year), I never really felt like I regained my strength, balance, and core. I obviously tried the traditional methods- Pilates, Soul Cycle, running and walking. But none of those made me feel like my pre-pregnancy strong self.

Leah was so kind to offer a personal introduction to Every Mother program and I said I would love for my sister Claire, six weeks post-partum at the time, to join. We had a private 90-minute session (valued at over $225) at Claire's house and we had the BEST time! I got to learn all about Diastis Recti (which my OB at 6 weeks post-partum with Lillian told me I didn't have!!!), have Leah check to see how far separated I was, learn the basics of the program, as well as learn more about the benefits of this evidence based program- repair muscle separation, alleviate back pain, help with posture, and more.

I am always so appreciative of the experiences I get to have, and this personal session with Leah was one of the most transformative ones I have had. While it's impossible for Leah to do private sessions with everyone, it is possible to feel the same benefits of Every Mother by downloading the app and going through the exercises.

Okay, so what exactly is Every Mother? Every Mother is an app that allows you to engage in the workout and fitness program during pregnancy and throughout the various stages of postpartum. Leah said that moms of all ages use Every Mother workouts to repair their diastasis recti. See, the thing is, this muscle separation cannot heal on it's own. It gets worse over time, but doing these evidence-based workouts allows you to repair the muscle separation. It can even be repaired during pregnancy- which totally blew my mind because everything you read makes it sound like diastasis recti is inevitable during pregnancy. 

Also, so many of the exercises you think are "good" for you to restore your core are actually harmful. Sit-ups and crunches are the worst. Leah educated us and shared that any movement that involves bulging the ab is not good for repairing the abdominal muscles. It was so great to be educated about the correct ways to protect our abs.

every-mother-core compressions

Core Compressions. The foundation of Every Mother is the core compression moves. Breathing in and tightening muscles on exhalation. Doing the guided core compressions with the app provides instant back pain relief-- mine has been gone since I started doing the program! The sequences are 6 minutes and you build up to 10.

Community. The vibrant private Facebook community allows moms to connect and share their experience, progress, and goals.

Workouts. In addition to the core compressions, there are workouts for strength, flexibility, and restoration. They average about 15 minutes and can be done at home with light weights, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. That's seriously how long it takes to find parking at the gym! There are also more advanced workouts once you feel confident to move on. I'm not there yet but hope to be after baby girl #2!!

Information. The app also includes access to nutrition information, articles, wellness info and more.

So, I can't say enough good things about Every Mother and I cannot recommend them enough!!! Visit the Every Mother site and Instagram for videos and overview of the program! The program ranges from $9.95 to $14.95/ month! Again, that is nothing!!!!!!





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