Fairmont Penthouse.


Earlier this week I was invited to the Fairmont San Francisco for a Royal Tea in their Penthouse Suite. I've been fortunate to visit the world-famous suite a handful of times before, but it was really a special opportunity to visit during the day and really soak in the decor. Not only if the Fairmont Suite beautiful, but the entire hotel has such a wonderful history that I have such a reverence for since I grew up in San Francisco and have gone to the Fairmont for special occasions over the years! 

For $18,000 a night you can rent the Penthouse! You'd be added to the visitors including JFK, Prince Charles of Wales, Mick Jagger, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, and Marlene Dietrich.

Here are some quick photos I snapped on my phone so you can get a sense of how lovely it is. 


Caroline Signature.png


A special thank you to Melissa and the Fairmont tea for hosting us.

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