Five things you didn't know about me.


It's been fun to see on Instagram people sharing five things that you might not know about them. It's like a modern-day chain letter, as people tag others to share. Not one to miss out on fun (and talking about myself...HAHAHA), I thought I would share five things you might not know about me.

I never buy things full-price. Everything goes on sale. I don't know the last time I purchased something full-price. It might be an Abercrombie shirt from 2000. I also hate Gucci. I think it's so funny how everyone has it because fun fact: it's UGLY. I hate it even more that people like it because it's trendy and don't see how ugly it is. I was surprised to read the other day that it's the highest-grossing luxury brand.

Social Media:
Most people are surprised to learn that I spend very little time on social media. I usually post and then exit out the back door. I also prefer to follow accounts and pages that are smaller and not by bloggers who blog full-time. If someone has less that 5,000 followers, they are my favorite!!!

I have gone to Catholic school my entire life. Preschool, K-12, then college and then grad school. One of my favorite things about Catholic school is that it teaches you to think of others and be a part of a community.

I literally have six business ideas turning in my head at all times. The community space for families I am going to open, think The Battery for families, where you can go watch the Warriors play and have a beer and kids can run around and everyone can be happy. I can't wait for the tech company Jesse and I are going to start (that's in like fifteen years). It can be so exhausting having these ideas and not having time to do them all!

People are always surprised to learn that I am so goofy. I love letting loose and having fun and making people have a good time. It's one of the things that makes parenting so fun!


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