Thanks for the memories!


Tomorrow is Audrey’s 1st Birthday and we are very excited to celebrate our special angel! As with any milestone, I like to reflect and think about what’s next. I’ve had a lingering feeling for some time that keeps popping up and that feeling keeps telling me it’s time to officially close down my blog. For the past six months this feeling has been getting stronger and stronger. I always thought that stopping the blog was a sign of giving up or failing, a decision made from weakness. But I can say with great certainty that I now know this decision comes from a place of strength.

It’s been five wonderful years and I am grateful for every moment but as we start looking at Kindergartens for Lillian and our daughters grow older I feel more and more protective of our special experience and want to cultivate it and preserve it. I have the most wonderful parents and family and my childhood was incredible. I know that was largely due to my parents’ intentionality in cultivating a wonderful private family life. I know this is what I need and want to do for my daughters.

I might be overstepping when I say this, but maybe my blogging departure is an opportunity for readers to reflect on your own sharing of your life and children on the internet. Part of what makes me feel like it’s time to be more private is because I see other sharing so much of their children’s lives. When there are companies and individuals whose job is to solely create content— a lot of content— I think it makes others feel like they should be sharing as much. I think a lot of people are oversharing and I’m trying to get out before I’ve shared too much.

Since the blog was never my career or source of income, it’s easy to walk away. I will miss it tremendously but have other professional opportunities that I am excited about (and that you can learn about if we chat in person :)). My first passion has always been writing and I have found great fulfillment in writing offline. My goal is to one day publish a series of children’s books, as well as young reader chapter books!!

So many factors make me feel like this is the time. So, just like everything I do— I am listening to my intuition and moving forward the decision- FAST! In a few weeks the blog will redirect to The Bundle of Joy site, which will be sharing a refresh soon! I will still be on Instagram and you can always email me at

Thank you for all of your love and support!!!

It’s been real!



caroline curran