An inviting home.

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One of the things that has surprised me the most about becoming a mom is how much I enjoy building an inviting and comfortable home for our family. I have always loved interior design, San Francisco architecture, and having a clean home for friends to come over. But what is new is how different it feels when combining all of these loves together and feeling like I have a true purpose- creating a place for our family to grow.

Growing up, I always loved cleaning my room and still to this day, truly function better when my environment is clean and organized. I cannot tell you how many times I have said to Jesse I literally cannot think because our house is such a mess. 

With my nesting in full-force, I am going extra aggressive on the entire house and I am loving it. It has been such a blessing to have such a patient and handy husband. Every night Jesse comes home and I ask him to hang something on the wall, move something, or help me with a project, to which he, 75% of the time obliges to do.

When I say inviting and beautiful home, I don't mean perfectly styled or expensive or over the top. I actually mean a home that is comfortable, clean, one that you want to spend time in and that is a reflection of the owners' style. Our house looks lived in and you can tell that we love it. I love having people over for parties or Warriors games. An inviting home is always ready for a party! I always have a bottle of wine and champagne in the fridge and enough snacks to pull something together. Although, that is the one thing I am working on. We could definitely have more food at the ready for guests.

It's funny how much you can change when becoming a parent and just how different things excite you. I mean, I am SO excited to get our rugs and couch professionally cleaned today! 


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