I wrote about this in my about me section but I feel like I need to explain it some more. Going to an all-girls school for 7th and 8th grade and high school shaped me in so many ways I can't even try and count them. One of the biggest factors is that I never let what I am wearing or how I look define me. I almost had forgotten about it until yesterday when I ran into a family friend.

It was 7:45am and I had dropped Lillian off at daycare and was dressed in a mix of half pajamas, half workout clothes and zero makeup (god bless the daycare staff that sees me every morning like this). Seeing my friend I didn't even give it a second thought of saying hello or not. Before I even had a chance to think the words came out of my mouth so loudly, "Hello Julia!!!!". We had a short conversation but I thought about it the entire day.

I think today since everyone shares the best photos of themselves it is easy to think that everyone always looks great. Or worse, that if you don't look great you should hide from others. Going to school without boys was the best thing ever. I have such fond memories of our goofy locker room antics, our silly and intellectual classroom conversations, and opportunity to grow into ourselves.

High school for me was about having fun, learning and thriving. I am grateful to my mom, teachers, and classmates for fostering an environment where this happened daily. So what the heck does this have to do with my blog and everything?

Whenever I see someone I know I can't help it but to say hello and ask how they are doing, no matter how I look. I've never let my clothes define me and it's hope I something to pass along to Lillian. While it is fun to get a dress with a big pink bow, it never causes me to act differently.

We all know someone who hides behind their fashion and really is nothing without their designer bag or shoes. Truth be told, I prefer to be in workout clothes! This dress makes me laugh because people had some interesting comments about it. My friend said to me, and I quote, "did you just come from your teaching job at Sister Mary Grace academy?" and I had to laugh out loud! Family members told me it did nothing for me. Ha! But what I love is that it reminds me so much of my years wearing a uniform. I discovered British company Jack Wills and I felt at home because of the grey, navy and burgundy (this is the dress I am wearing).  

I also know that going to an all-girls school exaggerated my "I'm going to do what I want attitude" because I wore this dress all weekend after all those funny comments! It made me appreciate the dress even more! 


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