Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Jesse! Hard to believe that a year ago I wrote this post about him! I just went back and re-read it myself! And the mighty have fallen!! Hahah I am just's just such a fun phrase and sounded funny, especially after my adoring post from last year!! I love Jesse more and more each day. I have been teasing him recently that I could put on a one-woman-show about all of the hilarious things he does. Every time he does something funny I say to him, "yep! That is going in the show!" like when he sneezes and says an expletive. Or when he is so tired and falls asleep on the couch and then does one of those big whole-body twitches in his sleep.

I'll keep this post short and sweet because everything is in last year's post, except I must add that he is the most incredible father to Lillian. It has been so special to watch him care for her and see their unique father-daughter bond grow. The three of us have a blast together and have already created so many wonderful memories. I am looking forward to what this year holds for him and all of us as a family.

Happy Birthday Jesse!!! I love you!

Stick with me,



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