Lillian is THREE!


Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter, Lillian!! Jesse and I took her out to breakfast at Ella's before dropping her off at school! They are continuing the birthday celebrations there with a Disney Princess Bounce House and pink Rice Krispy Treats we made last night.

This past year has been so magical and Jesse and I are so grateful to be Lillian's parents. She is bright, funny, and a joy to be around. She is growing into a lovely young woman and we are so proud. And we think it's especially funny when she says to us, "Mommy, Daddy, are you proud of me? I ate all my food!"

This birthday feels especially special because we are grateful for our beautiful three-year-old daughter and are ecstatic to be pregnant with another baby girl!! We were going to keep the celebrations small, and I even considered not doing a party at all, but who was I kidding? I live for a good party. And we wanted to do something because it's Lillian's last birthday as an only child!

Tonight we're going to make Tacos and watch the Warriors game!! The Warriors in the Finals is extra special because it reminds us of being in the hospital in 2015 when Lillian was just a few hours old and we were watching them play! 

Happy Birthday, Lillian!!! We love YOU!! Now, LET'S GO DUBS!


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