Lillian's Favorite Things.

san francisco zoo

I was laughing with a friend the other day saying that maybe I should just rename this blog Lillian's blog because most of it is about her! Plus, people much prefer to see pictures of her than me. I thought I would share some of the favorite things that we have been enjoying as a family. Quite a few of them have been gifts so I wanted to share them if you're looking for gifts for friends and family.

San Francisco Zoo: The Zoo is one of my mom's favorite places in the city, so we grew up going to the Zoo, even to just stand outside and look at the giraffes at the entrance. We were gifted a membership by Jesse's sister and it has been one of the best gifts because we love popping in for a few hours or a few minutes. Lillian absolutely LOVES the Zoo park and sometimes we just go so she can play there. She also loves the Puffer Train. The last time we were at the Zoo, a mom walked up to me and gave us her train tickets because her children we too scared. We were so appreciative!

Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles: My friend Andie gifted Lillian a Crocodile Creek puzzle for Lillian's third birthday a few weeks ago and it's became a fast favorite for Lillian and for me. We love that it's big, and has thick, sturdy pieces, playful design, and can all be packed up in the sturdy box. One of the worst things about children's toys is they have a million pieces and its impossible to keep them together. We do the puzzles before and after school and its been fun to watch Lillian get the hang of them. You can shop Crocodile Creek Puzzles on Amazon here.

Legos.  Legos will always be a favorite for Lillian and of course, I have to thank her engineer father. Lillian will always ask me to play Legos with her and I usually end up sorting them by color or building something small. On the other hand, Jesse and Lillian build the most incredible structures. They built a school, a motorhome, a house, a robot, the list goes on. I should clarify that it's the duplo legos, not the tiny Legos. I want to start a YouTube Channel "Legos with Lillian" and have her show how she builds things. You can shop Duplos here. 

Library Books. Lillian got her first library card a few months ago, I think last fall, and we have love going to the library to pick up some books. We just started going to the Presidio Branch because their selection of children's books is really great.

Swimming Lessons. I LOVE the fact that Lillian is a water baby. She has NO fear when it comes to getting in and loves splashing and swimming. It would be completely frightening if we had not discovered the Puddle Jumper floaties. The goal is for Lillian to feel confident and safe in the water without the floaties so we have enrolled her in swimming lessons once a week. She loves the classes but her favorite part is swimming in the shallow end of the pool before and after class.

Baby Bear. The other day Lillian was at her cousins' house and was in their playroom and found this teeny, tiny bear. I think it's a bear for a small doll because it's only an inch and a half big and looks sort of like this. She is completely OBSESSED with it! Baby Bear fits perfectly inside the palm of her hand so she holds it while she's playing and will even sleep with it. She has to bring it to school and show everyone and then put it in her cubby. This thing has been in our lives for about two weeks and we've lost and found it 75 times already. It's the funniest thing how and when and where he reappears. We'll see how long she cares about it for.

Alexa. Lillian loves music and i know she loves having access to music in her room all of the time. She will ask Alexa to play music, turn it up, turn it down. Oh, and she LOVES setting an alarm to do everything. We set one in the morning so we know it's time for school. We set one for reading before bedtime. We set it for everything!! I think this version is the best looking one, we just got a new one for our living room and put the one in our living room in our room and are putting the one in our room in the nursery. Sorry Baby Girl, you get the worst quality speaker since it's an Amazon Dot (which I don't recommend unless you have speakers).

Gap Uniform Polos.I know it's because I was raised wearing a uniform, but I love seeing how darling Lillian looks in a white collared shirt! I love the ones from Bella Bliss and Florence Eiseman but they're just not practical for how dirty, I mean filthy, Lillian gets at school. With back to school in full swing, I am thrilled that Gap Kids has their uniform line back and on major sale. We stocked up on white polos and I am actually going to get some of the pants and sweaters.


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