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I think as soon as I hit publish on this week's 23 week pregnancy announcement, my bump popped. I am walking around even bigger than I was a few days ago. And I love it! We've got 17 weeks to go and honestly I can't wait. I am also soaking up all of the special memories with Claire and her new baby!! I am also loving all of the summer celebrations we have- it seems like there is something fun each week. It's the perfect balance of excitement and distraction!

I wanted to share some things I have been loving recently.

  1. Prenatal Massages at Mindful Body- I went to Mindful Body my last pregnancy and honestly they have the best prenatal massages in all of San Francisco because they are well trained in prenatal care so they actually apply a good amount of pressure! It is the absolute worst when you are pregnant and have sore muscles and you go and get a massage and they use such little pressure that it feels like an oil rubdown. I walked out of my massage yesterday and felt so loose and no pain, I told Jesse it felt like I wasn't even pregnant.
  2. Streak- This is my new favorite thing. You can download the Streak plugin for Chrome and sync it with your Gmail and it will tell you when someone opens an email. I only use it for my Bundle emails because I like to see when people read my emails!
  3. de Gournay- Did you see my interview with the de Gournay team? You can read the post here! Can't wait until we have our forever home so we can put de Gournay panels in! 
  4. All things blue for Baby Echo. So while I was pregnant with Lillian I purchased all things grey and red. But as soon as we had her it was ALL THINGS PINK. During this pregnancy, I have been buying so much pastel blue. So we shall see what she ends up wearing. The picture above is from years ago but we actually still have all of those pieces.
  5. Shawn Mendes- I've heard a few songs of his on the radio over the years, but when I saw his Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and it's so darling! You can watch it here. Lillian loves his song "In My Blood" and always requests it in the car on the way to school.


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