Some of my dreams!


One of the things I love in particular about pregnancy and growing our family is how reflective it makes me. I've always been a very introspective person and studying psychology in grad school gave me the opportunity to reflect in a more structured way. While it's been three years since I graduated, I take a lot of lessons from the program with me and apply them daily.

I've been thinking so much about some of my dreams, particularly professional dreams. As The Bundle of Joy is almost officially one year old in August, it's hard to believe how fast this first year in business has flown by! I can't believe how much my perspective, goals, and vision have evolved over the past year, largely because of The Bundle but also because of the changes in our lives: Jesse's work that continues to grow, Lillian's development, and the exciting news that we're welcoming a new baby.

I honestly don't share too much about some of my goals and dreams because I feel like it's better to keep things to myself and share with Jesse and my family and a few friends. It's better to wait until it's in the works. I can't tell you how many people sort of scoffed at the idea of The Bundle of Joy when I told them about it before I launched. It's okay, because my entire life I have been able to envision and imagine things before they actually come together.

I had to share the image above because that is me around the same age as Lillian. It's so fun to look at the picture of me and see the similarities and differences. It's incredible to see how I've grown because of the experiences I have had. I can't wait to see what my girls achieve! So much of what I have been able to accomplish is because of my parents and it was so funny because yesterday I was talking to my mom and she just said to me, "Caroline, you always get the job done. It's one of your greatest strengths and skills" and honestly, at 32 years old it still feels so good to hear my mom say affirming things like that. It inspired me to articulate some goals and hold myself accountable as I work towards them.

I have been having some strong feelings about where I want to take The Bundle of Joy and all of my professional endeavors. I see my blog, The Bundle of Joy, and all other future business ventures under the umbrella of Curran Creative. I actively try and work each day to make sure that some aspect of Curran Creative moves forward and grows.

Okay, so here are some of my professional dreams, in no particular order:

Corporate Partners for The Bundle of Joy:  My focus for the rest of 2018 and 2019 is to work with HR directors and Admins to get more corporate partnerships. My current corporate partners are AMAZING and I am so lucky I get to work with them on their gifting program. HR Directors order 1o Bundles at a time and their Bundles have specialty products and company-branded onesies. We also donate $5 to the nonprofit of their choice, usually ones they have existing relationships with. A huge part of this goal requires A LOT of behind the scenes hustling, outreach, and sales.

Developing relationships with current partner nonprofits: For each Bundle purchased, we donate $5 to nonprofits and I want to develop our relationships with these organizations and have it be more than donations. 

A community of Moms: Community is one of the most important things to me and my vision for The Bundle of Joy Community has ALWAYS been to have crowd-sourced content from real moms. I find it therapeutic to write and I want to give moms that opportunity without them having to be an "influencer" or have an existing blog. Additionally, I want everything to be unsponsored- no paid content. It's impossible to find a website that doesn't have a ton of paid content and I find that very frustrating. 

Build out an e-commerce site: Ready for it? I envision The Bundle of Joy website growing to become the Amazon of gift-giving when you want to gift a baby product. Essentially, I want it to become the destination for curated shopping and the first place you go to when gifting. I am working with some awesome small, female-owned businesses to bring their products to the site and we'll be launching new products to make for a more robust shopping experience at the end of summer-- I can hardly wait!! Think adorable baby books, gifts, and more handmade items.

Physical space: I have ALWAYS wanted to have a physical space for people to gather. I love bringing people together and I this is one of my main goals for 2019/2020. I am not exactly sure if what it's going to be- retail, dining, venue, but I am sure it will be mixed-use of some sort. I also would love to have a retail space but let's be real, it's so hard to have a retail space anywhere, let alone San Francisco. So, that brings me to my next goal- buying a commercial space. Gotta dream big!

Children's Clothing Store: I have fallen in love with discovering new baby brands, particularly international brands and would love to build out an adorable children's clothing store.

Monogram machine: This is so hilarious but I actually told Jesse for a push-present I would like an industrial monogram machine. This is extra funny because he didn't and doesn't plan on giving me a push present, and I can buy it myself. I just thought it was funny to ask him for one. I want to add monogramming to The Bundle onesies and products we include. I think it will increase the value and sentiment! 

Redefine working standards: This is a HUGE goal of mine!! I have ALWAYS wanted my own company because I want to create a working environment that completely changes how operations are run. For example, I want my company to work from 8:00 am- 3:00pm and everyone can go home and live life and work from home for two hours. I want kids to come to the office on Fridays, no meetings on Friday. In addition to vacation and sick days, I want to offer "errand days" because some days you just need to run a ton of errands. I want to have spirit week at the office. I want to create an amazing environment where the structure allows people to succeed at work and in life. I am going to write an entire post on this because it's something I care about deeply.


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