Nursery Preview.


So I thought since I've been saying how much I have to do to get the nursery ready, I would share a quick picture that I snapped last night! Jesse keeps asking me what I want for my birthday and I just keep telling him that I want some of his time!!! The last few weeks have been really busy for us as a family, but also for him at work. We've had a lot of really fun trips and weekends away but he's had to take a few days off here and there, which is fabulous! But the caveat is that he has a lot of work to do before we go and a lot to do when we're back so he can catch up.

He also has said that I can't ask him to do projects on Sunday nights! I get it- no one wants to spend their Sunday nights doing a task. I was pleasantly surprised and forever grateful when he said to me yesterday afternoon, "Let's build the dresser!!!". Gosh, I was laughing to him saying that he should have told me when we were dating just how fabulous he is at assembling things. I know he's an engineer and loves to build things, but boy, he is so patient, meticulous and sees thing through-- if you are single, these are traits you should look for in a partner! I'm convinced that you can a learn A LOT about someone by how they put ikea furniture together! It also helps that Jesse has learned a lot from his dad's and grandfather's example. Jesse's late father was a woodworker and craftsman by trade and he taught Jesse's dad a lot about it and it's become a great passion for him.

For some reason with this pregnancy, I have been feeling blue- not sad, the color blue! Everything I have been wearing and everything I have been buying for our Baby Girl is blue and white! I cannot wait to meet her in just a few weeks!

So, this was the home office that has now been transformed with new curtains and design pieces and we could not be more excited. The room is just the perfect size for our newborn and our plan is to have the girls have separate rooms and then when Baby Echo gets older, she will share a room with Lillian and this will be the playroom. For that reason, I've been thinking ahead and thought it would be fun to do something whimsical with the walls- either a fun wallpaper or paint color. It's also why I got the same dresser as Lillian's because I wanted them to have matching dressers in their room.

While I really, really do love interior design, I am by no means an interior designer (hello, especially after seeing this year's nursery by my friend Dina at SF Showcase- more on that later!). But most importantly, I do not have the budget of an interior design client!!! We've been trying to be very budget friendly and it's so crazy how everything can add up!

So here is what we still have to do:

Change the drawer pulls. My sister Claire sent me these cute bow knobs so I will be ordering those the next time Crate and Barrel has a sale.

Pick a paint color. This is going to be hard for me! If you have a favorite french blue or grey blue paint color, please let me know!

Assemble the crib. We need to find a few missing pieces. Oops for letting Lillian always play tools.

Hang the artwork. That won't take long but I want to have it finished before we're 38 weeks incase she comes early!

Order a mirror for over the dresser. I want to get a mirror but think I am going to wait until after we paint it!

Install new light fixture. Need to hire the electrician to do this!!

It's really important to have a beautiful, functional space when you have a little one. I am so excited about this nursery because the second time around you have insight into how the room is going to be used. I also just ordered some diapers because they smell so good and will make the nursery smell like a newborn is on the way! 

Please send me any tips you have!


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