Neat Method SF + Marin.

Happy Friday! I am so delighted to introduce my Bay Area readers to Neat Method, a home-organizing service that makes like more beautiful and more importantly, more functional!

My dear friend Ashley has recently taken over Neat Method in San Francisco and Marin and I could not be more excited about her new endeavor. Ashley is creative, hard-working, and as mom to two boys knows how busy life can be!

Everyone has a space in their home, or a few, that needs some help. Like serious help. Ashley always brings an open mind to clients' projects and never judges. Life is busy! So many of us spend time organizing things outside of the home, that it's impossible to find the time to organize our own homes. And sometimes the situation is so daunting that the best thing is to just bring in a professional. Ashley and her team also help with moves-- literally everyone's worst nightmare. Her services allow for a fresh set of eyes to come in and help the situation.

For us, the area that needs the most organizing is our back pantry- it has some storage, our laundry, our clothes steamer, and odds and ends. The shelves we have in there from our garage at our last place-- it's just kind of a place that works but isn't functioning at top efficiency. It just drives me crazy. I am thinking I am going to have to hire Ashley!

Her Neat Method services help organize any part of your home, bringing order and obviously, a neat method! Read a quick excerpt from the interview Neat Method did with Ashley to learn more!

NM :: Welcome Ashley! We’re excited to get to know you better. Can you please tell us why you wanted to run NEAT in your city?


AP :: I wanted to run NEAT in San Francisco because I care deeply about creating a comfortable and orderly home for others. The fast­paced lifestyle in the Bay Area often leaves professionals and families with little time for running their own household. Running NEAT in San Francisco and Marin gives me the opportunity to go into homes and help implement systems to help families run more efficiently and calmly. It is truly rewarding to be able to offer a service that brings a sense of peace to homes.

NM :: Yum! What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT?

AP :: The unique architecture of each San Francisco home offers a variety challenges and opportunities. Running NEAT in San Francisco means getting to work in different sized spaces every day of the week. One day is spent organizing a 500­ square-­foot studio in a high­rise downtown and the next is editing a 500­ square­foot closet in a Victorian three­ story home. This variety allows me to continue to push my organizational skills so that I can keep delivering the best services to each individual client.

Read the full interview with Ashley on the Neat Method blog here.

To connect with Ashley about her services, click here!


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