Lillian's Picks.

lillian-bunk beds

Lillian is just a few weeks away from turning three and we can hardly wait! The past few weeks have been so much fun. Her personality is shining through, her vocabulary and comprehension is growing daily and we love the little lady she is revealing herself to be.

There has been a lot of changes recently with her and we've added in some new toys and books to the mix to help her continue to grow and I wanted to share what we're loving, as well as some items her teacher recommended. We actually don't have a lot of toys at home because they have so many great toys at school and Lillian is there Monday-Friday from 8:00-5:00 pm.

Books: We've always had a good amount of books for Lillian but we realized we needed to get some new books. I asked all of my mom friends from recommendations and our favorite has been "Big Words for Little People". Jesse also signed up for Amazon books where you get two kids books every other month- there are a variety of plans but that's the one he selected.

Matching cards: My mother-in-law got Lillian a deck of matching cards to play memory and Lillian loves those.

Audible: We also play audio books on Audible app through Alexa. Lillian will sit in her chair or bed with one of her favorite books and read it.

Music: Lillian also listens to music through her Alexa and loves playing Frozen, Disney lullabies and other songs. She knows how to work it and ask Alexa to play music and turn it up or down. It amazes me how much access we all have, but especially children, to music with the improvements of technology. Lillian also loves a keyboard floor pad that my sister in law got her. It's like Dance, Dance Revolution and you dance on the keys.

TV: Lillian's two favorite shows right now are Paw Patrol and Super Monsters (one of my favorites!) Those two knocked Thomas and Barney off the top spots.

Teacher Recommendations: At her parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago we asked her teacher what would be so good items to get her ready for next year and she said things that help with letters since they start tracing letters soon and sequencing. We got this book and these sequencing cards.


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