Splurge vs. Save: Newborn Items.

newborn splurge versus save

I have been getting a lot of questions about product recommendations for registering and I've thinking a lot about how expensive it can be to have a little one so thought I would put together a helpful guide of what to splurge and save on.

I had to share this photo of Lillian when she was just six days old! I can hardly believe how itty bitty she was. We are eagerly awaiting our newest bundle of joy to arrive in just 14 weeks!

Hope this helps as you're putting your registry together! In no particular order....


  • Bedding and mattress- The main tip is to get a great organic mattress! Your little one spends sooooo much time sleeping that you want to have the healthiest environment ever. A great one is this one from Naturepedic. It's expensive but if you think about how much time your baby spends sleeping on it, it's a no-brainer.
  • Carrier- You don't have to splurge on price for this one, I just mean get a carrier that you LOVE. It is the best thing when you have a newborn- it calms them instantly and allows you to be handsfree. I remember thinking I would NEVER use a carrier butttttt then we had Lillian and it was our favorite. Husbands/partners also love them because they can carry the baby close to them.
  • Carseat- this is pretty obvious, but it is so important to get a safe carseat, regardless of the price. It's actually my number one recommendation. We have the UppaBaby Mesa and love it but I have also loved discovering the Nuna Pipa car seat that my sister Claire has-- it is incredibly lightweight. I also love that it has a built-in sunshade/protector that has magnets and stays closed!
  • Swaddles- In the hospital, the nurses make it look so easy to swaddle your little one. The best thing is to invest in is a velcro swaddle- I love the Halo x PotteryBarn Kids ones here.


  • Swing/ bouncer:  I can't stress this one enough!! Babies are in the bouncers and swings when they're little but quickly outgrow them because they get too big or because parents don't want to create a dependency on them. Definitely get this second-hand because they're very expensive and big and when you're finished with it you will want it out of your house. They're usually an eye sore, too-- for some reason the prints are the worst! Moms loved the 4Moms Mamaroo but I couldn't justify spending $400, even if you get it as a gift.
  • High chairs:  Well, basically every single thing involved with feeding get so messy so it's best to not spend a ton on this category, especially items with fabric cushions or hard to clean material.
  • Infant bathtubs: Again, they grow out of these so fast so an inexpensive one is best. We had a summer infant one or something like that for Lillian and it was great because it fit in the kitchen sink.