This past weekend you probably saw all over my Instagram story and Snapchat our experience playing with the new Nintendo Switch! While you might have been thinking how funny for Caroline to be there, I have to share that I am a big Nintendo fan! Also, I am always drawn to events and activities where people who share a passion come together to celebrate. I love witnessing others enjoying their passion!

When I received the invitation to attend the special pre-release party at Fort Mason I immediately invited the two biggest gamers I know-- Jesse and my brother Danny! Yes, I do have a brother! Some people don't believe it since I talk about my four sisters so often. Jesse had a prior engagement so he couldn't attend and we missed him-- he would have loved it!

Danny was actually the one who introduced me to Nintendo when we were growing up. I absolutely loved playing Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. We always had to be so careful that we wouldn't mess up his records or accidentally turn it off. He definitely instilled fear in everyone not to touch his Nintendo without him knowing about it! I'll never forget the time he had paused the game to leave the room for a minute and I walked in and thought that the game was frozen so I took out the game cartridge and blew on it-- remember that secret trick?? He came back and was SOOOOO mad at me!!

Fast forward almost twenty years and here I have the opportunity to invite him to play the new Switch!! Truthfully, I hadn't heard too much about the Switch before the event and it was really fun to get the overview from Danny as we walked into the pavilion.

If you've been to Fort Mason before you know that it is HUGE. I loved how the Nintendo team created a smaller space within the Pavilion to make it feel intimate. When you walked in the staff cheered for you, which was really fun, and they handed Lillian a Yoshi stuffed animal!

There was a stage with a huge screen when there were competitions and more. Each game had it's own station around the room and there were couches, tvs, and LOTS of Nintendo Switches!!! What was really great was how organized and well thought-out the event was. It wasn't crowded and you could go around the area and see and play every game you wanted to. 

I also dressed gamer chic with my favorite matching shell and cardigan and paired it with my favorite slip-on vans. One thing about me is that I always like to take on characters or parts of my personality when going to special events.

Okay-- now that I have covered the experience the gamers want to know how Switch really is! It's great!! Extremely easy to play, the games are awesome-- Danny got to do a twenty minute Zelda demo which he loved. The whole point of Switch is that you can take it with you wherever you go-- you can use the handheld device while traveling or you can dock it and have it connect to your television. Now, if Nintendo had this feature years ago Danny never would have had to pause the game when he left the room and I wouldn't have ruined it for him. I like to think taking him to this event was a great apology!


It was really great to bring Lillian to the event and boy, oh boy was she mesmerized by everything that was happening! She was such an angel and loved seeing all of the activities and eating the Goldfish snacks that they had provided to all of the gamers! If you look at the photos I captured of her you will see she is never looking at the camera because she was off looking in the distance at another screen!


The Nintendo Switch is coming out this Friday so gamers better start lining up! You will not be disappointed! Oh, I also have to say that a childhood dream came true for me when I beat Danny in Street Fighter-- Chun Li always wins! The new games you are going to love are Super Mario Odyssey and the updated MarioKart 8 and Splatoon and of course, Zelda Breath of the Wild. Oh, and of course, 1 -2 Switch!


Thank you to 360PR and Nintendo for inviting me and my family to this great event!

Had to show you how much fun Danny was having!!

Had to show you how much fun Danny was having!!

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