I mentioned the other day that Jesse's birthday always starts the kick-off to so many festive and meaningful celebrations. Since I wrote that post about him I have been thinking so much on the past five years and all that has happened. One of the most special things that happened to us was having our amazing daughter Lillian, which ended up putting a lot of great things into motion- I left my job, added more meaningful content to the blog, discovered DayOne Baby, launched my own business and more.

My point is that becoming a mother has been life-changing in the best ways possible. One of the things that makes me feel so special is when Jesse tells me that I'm a good mom. It's touching because I know he really means it. As a mom you understand how special Mother's Day is and as an adult child you can't help but feel how poorly you delivered all these years to our mom!!! Anyone else with me?? Last year I said to my mom, "wow, we really under-celebrated you all these years!!!" 


Last year our Mother's Day plans were cut a little short because Jesse had one of his biggest meetings ever that Monday. The last few days Jesse has been saying he is going to make it up to me this year and do something extra special-- ha, I told him he owed me two mother's days!!! . Just kidding, I told Jesse, while that sounds really great, what I really want is to celebrate the other moms in our lives with something special and to just spend time as a family for one of my many Mother's Day celebrations!!

Trying to find the perfect gifts for moms can be difficult. I always find that I stumble upon the best gifts when I am not intentionally looking for them and have the hardest time finding gifts for a specific purpose, like Mother's Day.

This year PayPal has made it easier than ever to find the best gifts for moms with their new gift Mother's Day Global Gift Guide While our busy schedules keep us from jet-setting around the world, I love being able to shop globally through PayPal's site. In my family you can never go wrong giving my mom a new pair of sunglasses, body lotion, or make-up brushes.  While these gifts might seem obvious, they hold a lot of memories for me. I definitely get my style from my mom and maternal grandmother. Both of them always knew that accessories make a big impact on your outfit. My mom always taught us to always look our best. You'll never find a Curran girl without a pair of sunglasses or two in her purse.



As a mom of a toddler, the gift that caught my eye on PayPal's Mother's Day Gift guide was the robotic vacuum!! I was saying to Jesse that I have wanted a new vacuum and how perfect would this pink one be!! Now that's what I am talking about-- a Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving!!

I have always loved using PayPal for Curran Creative business transactions, paying friends back, and shopping online. PayPal is accepted at the major retailers that I love to shop at: Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Ralph Lauren. I loved using PayPal to shop for others this year.

Getting Mother's Day shopping done in advance is such a relief and allows me to really enjoy the time spent with Lillian and Jesse. It's so nice heading to PayPal's site for one-stop-shopping. As an early Mother's Day celebration, we headed to Filoli Gardens in Woodside. We just wanted to be outside and have fun and enjoy each other's company. There are beautiful gardens and a huge estate. We set up a little picnic full of my favorite things-- Sophia champagne, cheese, and cookies!! Jesse really knows how to spoil me!


Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and godmothers around the world!! We are the ones who make the world go round!! I hope everyone takes time to get something special for themselves (yeah, I said it!!) and spend time with loved ones!

Take a page out of my book and shop on PayPal Mother's Day Gift Guide  and don't miss the opportunity to enter to win $2,000!!! Make yourself a picnic and try and chase your toddler around!! 


A special thank you to PayPal for sponsoring this post.