Jesse and I had an absolute blast decorating the room for our little baby (who we've been calling Coco) and we are thrilled that wanted to feature it on their small spaces site. See the full slideshow of our small space nursery hacks on About.Com HERE!

Growing up in San Francisco, I never realized I have a different definition of small spaces from everyone else. Luckily, this naiveté lasted long enough for me to get through sharing a room with my sister, my first apartment in the attic of a San Francisco Victorian, and our first one-bedroom apartment. Upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment offered more rooms, but maybe not more room. When we found out we were expecting our first child, we began the transition of turning our office into the nursery.

While Harry Potter might think this room is spacious, at only 9’ x 10’, I knew it was going to be impossible to have that dream nursery right out of the Pottery Barn Baby catalog- it simply wasn’t going to fit! So the process to decorate our baby girl’s first home began and it has been the perfect project.

What do you get when you take a fashion and lifestyle blogger and an engineer and tech executive and ask them to design a nursery? A whole lot of conversations about form versus function, style and systems, and needs versus wants. I have to say, with a little compromise, the results are perfect!

Looking at nursery decor on Pinterest, I realized I couldn’t and shouldn’t look at them because they were simply unrealistic for our space. It just solidified the fact that we were going to have to be creative with the design choices. So where to begin?

Rather than going with traditional pinks and purples for our baby girls’ nursery, we were inspired by our wedding decor and went with white, grey, and red. The framed images above the crib are our “guest books” from our wedding in the summer of 2012 at the James Leary Flood Mansion in San Francisco. Our day was absolutely filled with love and we wanted to share that with our daughter. You can read more about the furniture we selected on my Baby Product Review page!

A lot of people have asked about where to get all of these perfect pieces. I've put them all in one curated collection for you on Keep to check out.  Download Keep and check out the Perfect 10 SF Nursery items! I absolutely LOVE Keep because it's convenient and super easy to browse and SHOP! It's such a great place to see what others are shopping and with a few clicks, it's easy to purchase items from multiple sites without having to leave the Keep window!

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