My favorite weekend adventure: Petaluma Village Premium Outlets.


After coming back from sunny Hawaii to the grey weather of San Francisco, it can be really hard. Sometimes the weather can be so cozy and makes me want to curl up and read and sometimes it can be such a downer. Everyone knows that I love the city so much, but when I’m needing a little bit of a pick-me-up, I like to escape the city by heading to the north bay. This isn’t anything new- I’ve done it throughout my life.

While my family and I love living in San Francisco-- my grandparents and parents all grew up in the city- we also love adventures outside in search of sunshine. Luckily, my parents have a place in Sonoma that we can escape to whenever we need. But when we were growing up our get-away spot was the Petaluma Cheese Factory. It’s a must-visit!! My parents went on picnics there when they were dating and over the years brought more and more kids with them. Our tradition was picking the blackberries in August and making blackberry pie.

Petaluma was our quiet, under the radar family-friendly spot to go to. Of course, you cannot go to Petaluma without stopping by the fabulous Petaluma Village Premium Outlets. That is literally where we shopped for everything growing up. I guess I’ve always had class, mature, and refined taste because as a 7th grader my favorite store was Ann Taylor! Ha! I still crack up about how my mom would take my three sisters and me up there to get an outfit for a special occasion or party. I kid you not, there were so many times growing up where I would show up to parties in 7th or 8th grade (I’m talking birthday parties) and would be wearing outfits similar to the other moms! Ha!! Imagine a 7th grader that has the style of Hillary Clinton circa 2000- yes, that was me!

I also have this really vivid memory of my mom being out of town for work, which is so funny because she rarely traveled for work, and my dad took me, Colleen and Claire to the Petaluma Village Premium Outlets so we could get a toy at KB Toy Store (remember that throwback?!) and then to The Cheese Factory. I got a giant punch ball balloon, the kind with the rubberband and the whole point was to blow it up and just punch it. Colleen got a tree swing and I can’t remember if Claire got a doll or a pet dog. The funniest part of this memory for me is that Colleen got that swing! I mean, we are city kids and my parents have a good-sized backyard but not a tree that’s conducive for a tree swing! We ended up putting the swing on their huge palm tree in the backyard, on the one branch that maybe, sorta, kinda worked. I’m not kidding when I say the angle of the branch is like 25 degrees, so the swing didn’t really swing back and forth. It was more like you could sit on the swing and kick off the tree like you’re belaying a mountain. So funny to think about!

I have so many fond memories of going to the Outlets that I decided to pop up there earlier this week to pick up some gifts for Mother’s Day. Of the gazillion things my mom has taught me, one of the most important things is never pass up a great item at a great price.

I love going to the Petaluma Village Premium Outlets because you can find something for everyone. My favorite stores they have are Off Saks 5th Avenue, Nike, Levis, Sunglass Hut, Gap, Banana Republic, and of course, classic Coach!

I was able to pick up some really great items for my mom and sisters for Mother’s Day, and because of the great prices I didn’t feel guilty getting a few things that have been on my wishlist. My favorite Celine sunglasses went missing last year and I waited to buy a replacement pair incase they miraculously appeared and sadly they never did. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the selection of designer sunglasses at Off Saks 5th Avenue! I got a pair of Celine glasses for myself and a pair of Prada glasses for my mom--- shh….don’t tell her. I know she’ll love them because the best gift in the world for any mom is a clean house and the second best gift is a pair of sunglasses!

I also love the relaxed atmosphere of the Outlets. It’s outdoors, of course, and the sunshine is amazing. The overhangs are covered in beautiful florals and vines. It really has that perfect Sonoma County feel.

If you’re looking for a fun getaway, head to Petaluma Village Premium Outlets for a fun day of designer shopping at great prices. I know I will be heading back up there shortly to check out some items for summer weddings. Definitely check out their great program happening right now! The Petaluma Village Premium Outlets has teamed up with Susan G. Komen to help in the fight against breast cancer as part of its More Than Pink campaign.

The Discount Card program is the primary way Petaluma Village Premium Outlets are raising funds. 100% of the proceeds from the Discount Card will be donated to SGK with the goal of raising 1 million dollars over two years. Which is amazing to see that all of the proceeds go to such a cause dear to my heart. The Discount Cards can be purchased for $10 and shoppers can receive 25% off of one item from participating retailers. Hurry because this great program started April 14 and runs through May 20.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day Weekend!! Especially the first-time moms!!! There’s nothing like your first Mother’s Day!



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Thank you to Petaluma Village Premium Outlets for partnering on this post and keeping Curran Creative busy and in business!